Monday, June 22, 2020

The Tennessean makes a lame attempt to atone for spreading hate. Fires one underling.

by Rod Williams - The Tennessean has announced that an advertising manager was fired over what the Tennessean is calling an "anti-Muslim advertisement."   The full-page ad appearing in Sunday's paper told of an impending nuclear devise to be exploded in Nashville  "by Islam."

The article was heavy on the reading of Biblical prophesy to discover this pending attack.  I just thought it was nutty. I really didn't see the Muslim bigotry until it was pointed out to me by the Tennessean. That just shows you how not woke I am.  I wonder if the ad would have said the devise was to be exploded by "Islamic extremist," or by "Muslim radicals," instead of  just "Islam," if it would have been acceptable. Probably not.

Money from the ad sale is being refunded to the Arkansas nonprofit Future for America, who purchased the ad. The group said it would buy billboard advertising and mail letters to thousands of Nashvillians this week. What a win for Future for America. With the money refunded, that will help fund the billboards and mailings. I don't know why the money is being refunded. Future for America certainly got their money's worth.  More people have heard of this than ever would have heard about it had the Tennessean just let the story die. I guess returning the money is kind of like Judus throwing the thirty pieces of silver into the temple.  Giving the money back is the Tennessean's way of atonement despite that doing so helps fund the spread of the organization's message.

An internal investigation revealed three Tennessean advertising staff members "had the opportunity to review the ad in its entirety" before it was published, but failed to do so, so one sacrificial lamb gets the ax.

I'm sorry but that is not good enough.  The Tennessean is supposed to be very woke.  It preaches self-righteous political correctness daily.  It lectures and informs the rest of us.  It is sort of like this:  If a church members cheats his employer that is a bad sin; if the minister is pocketing money out of the collection plate before it is counted, that is a biggr sin.  Some poor little ole citizen and amateur blogger like me can be forgiven for being un-work, but The Tennessean should not get a pass. They have got to be held to a higher standard.

I think that David Plazas should be marched through the streets with a sign around his neck that says "I sinned against political correctness" or maybe, "Guilty of spreading hate" and people should be able to hiss at him and throw orange peels and egg shells and coffee grounds. He should then spend the next six month on an apology tour confessing his sins.

The Tennessan has been trotting out this Michael A. Anastasi to take the heat for this.  He is the managing editor.  That is not going to cut it.  I never heard of the guy until this. David Plazas is the face of The Tennessean.  He is the one who always represents the Tennessean at public forums and events. He is the community engagement editor. He needs to engage the community. He ought to come out of hiding and do a cultural revolution-type mea culpa and beg, beg, forgiveness. Some crying while begging would help.

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