Friday, August 21, 2020

Biden hit a homerun.

by Rod Williams - Biden gave a very good speech last night. For people who base their vote on how much they like the candidate and are not too concerned with policies, Biden will win some votes. And, there are a lot of people who use criteria like that to pick a candidate. 

Biden is likable. Those who have had enough of Trumps bitter, sarcastic, off-the-cuff smart ass comments may find Biden's style more appealing.  When I have pointed out to some of my Republican friends some of things Trump says that make me cringe, I sometimes get the reply, "Well, he is a New Yorker. That's just who he is."  I doubt all New Yorkers are that insensitive and insulting, but if they are I don't like it. 

Those who have watched Trump pander to the worst in people will find Biden's appeal to calm and normalcy and "hope and light" appealing. He says character, compassion, science, democracy are on the ballot. In a sense, I think they are.  People who may not vote for socialism, abortion-till-birth, the empowered bureaucratic state,  and the Green New Deal, may vote for character, compassion, science and democracy.  The more Trump does things like refuse to condemn the nutty fringe, the more the contrast will show Biden to be a good man, a calming force, and rational. 

In Biden's speech he did not mention the days of riots rocking the country and the lawlessness and insurrection, so I am not sure Biden's niceness will cause people to support someone who is complicitly silent on this violent insurrection. But, Republicans will have to point that out and I am sure they will. 

Biden did not look like someone who with dementia who can barely function. He proved that in a studio sitting he can do a good job of reading a well-written speech. 

I think Biden hit a homerun.

If you missed it, here is the speech.  You can always watch it in double speed and not miss much. 

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