Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Maury County mayor Andy Ogles causes major lib meltdown over humorous meme.

 by Rod Williams - Andy Ogles, mayor of Maury County posted the meme show here on his Facebook page.  Liberals have gone nuts! He got over a thousand comments and the meme was shared over 500 times.  I have posted a sample of some of what was posted as a reply. He is being denounced as a racist and getting "hate" post. The Columbia newspaper and The Tennessean found it newsworthy.  The Tennessean called it a "racist meme" in their article headline. 

I find it humorous. I am sick of people being so "woke" and politically correct that they are offended by the least little thing.  If I were an elected official, I would probably not have posted this, but that is more a matter of style than of finding this unacceptable. 

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