Saturday, August 1, 2020

Students at Vanderbilt leave fraternities and sororities, alleging racism and insensitivity

by Rod Williams - NBC news reports, "Students at Vanderbilt leave fraternities and sororities, alleging racism and insensitivity." Not that I really care.  I was never a member of a fraternity and don't care much one way or the other about fraternities and sororities and don't think this is all that important, but Vanderbilt is an important part of the Nashville Community and NBC news thinks it is newsworthy, so I am just passing it on.  The article says about 200 of 2197 students have withdrawn from Greek organizations.

Could it be that with schools closed and reopening policies in flux and unpredictable and with social distancing in place and bars closed that there is just not that much value to being in a fraternity?  Maybe it is like me boycotting Starbucks; it is easy to do when you don't go there anyway.  

The stated reason they are leaving is because the fraternities and sororities are not supportive of the civil unrest going on. "It seemed like no one in our sorority group chat was talking about George Floyd's death or how we could support the Black Lives Matter movement," said one student.  I am sure some really feel that way, but it kind of looks like an opportunity to do some virtue signaling.  

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