Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Tennessee Star reports members of the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee are receiving death threats.

by Rod Williams, 8/26/2020 - The Tennessee Star reports that several members of the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee have received death threat letters.  Among those identified as receiving the letters are members Betty Fain, Bobby Wood, Rob Ailey, and Matthew Coleman.  Woods says the letter he received says of Republicans, ‘We will kill you all."

I first reported that members of the Republican Executive Committee were receiving these death threat letters on August 21st in a post titled Republican State Executive Committee members getting death threats, targets of vandalism. In that post I reported that Terri Richman Nicholson, Tennessee State Republican Committeewoman for District 17, had her car badly keyed while parked outside the local Republican Party headquarters. 

Members of the State Executive Committee and other prominent Republicans need to be aware of the increased threat of violence from radicals.  Radicals have become emboldened. We have witnessed innocent people being pulled from their cars and beaten in cities across America.  Churches that lean conservative are being vandalized. While I hate to give in to intimidation, now may not be a good time to wear a MAGA hat out in public.  Perhaps one ought to think twice before putting a political yard sign in one's yard or a bumper sticker on one's car that identifies oneself as Republican.  

If you live in a county that is overwhelmingly Republican or a rural area or even a typical suburban area you may be perfectly safe expressing your political preference.  If you live in the more urbanized areas of Davidson County, it may be prudent to keep a low profile. I live in an area of white, educated, liberals and almost every block for miles around will have one or more "Black Lives Matter" signs.  I would not feel safe walking in my neighborhood wearing a Trump tee-shirt.  Even non-radical liberals have adopted an attitude of intolerance for different points of view and have been complicity silent of the violence sweeping America. It has become acceptable to silence conservative voices and violence against Trump supporters is considered justified. 

In the Star article Betty Fain says she has recently bought a gun, partially motivated by the death threat letter and the general civil unrest in America.  I have recently taken steps to increase my personal security.  Be prudent, stay safe, stay aware and be ready to defend yourself if you must. 

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