Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why do schools not want parents to know what they are teaching children?

Why do schools not want parents to know what they are teaching children?  Could it be because they are indoctrinating them in an socialist-loving, America-hating ideology?  

Rutherford County sent a letter to parents asking them to sign an agreement that they would not observe what goes on in their child's virtual classroom. They have backed off of this policy somewhat since this was met with an uproar.  Now they say parents can observe, with permission of the teacher. However, they still prohibit parents from taping the classroom activity. 

I have been slow reaching this conclusion, but I think it is time to give up on public schools as they are now constituted.  Parents who can afford to do so need to pull their kids out of public schools and sent them to a good private school. Parents who have the time and talent to do so should consider home schooling.  We need to demand more school choice in the form of charter schools and vouchers. We need to elect conservatives to local school boards across America.  Citizens need to take advantage of the right to review textbooks and need to be involved in the textbook selection process.  We need a new conservative public interest non-profit legal organization to protect the interest of parents and students. 

Parents need to be loud and clear and let government know that children belong to the parents, not the state.  

If you missed this story when it first went public a few days ago, here it is:

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