Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Defend the Police! Organize a Save the Country Rally.

by Rod Williams - I look forward to participating in a large, high-profile, Defend the Police Rally here in Nashville. There has been a local effort to show support for the police and I commend those who have organized it and hope they are continuing their effort and are participating in this national effort to have Defend the Police/Save Our Country rallies across America.  

To get noticed and have our voices heard, those of us supporting a return to law and order have to be vocal and show that there are a lot of us. We have to make a showing that will not be ignored by the media.  We have to get the attention of politicians. 

If people do not demand a return to law and order and encourage local governments to put a stop to the violence and riots occurring across America, I fear we are headed for a worsening situation.  We have already seen the appearance of private militias in some places across America.  I do not know if these militia are admirable citizens trying to protect the lives and property of their neighbors or are violent right-wing thugs looking to do battle with Antifa.  When we start seeing armed right-wing radicals engaged in pitched battles in our streets with armed left-wing radicals, the civil unrest becomes a civil war.  So far, a few people have died in the riots.  It this civil unrest escalates into opposing groups battling for control of the streets, many may die. So far we have seen left wing radicals run rampant and police retreat, "deescalate," and give the left-wing mobs free reign. This can not continue. 

Unless, the police are permitted to restore law and order it is inevitable that people will take the task of defending their lives and property into their own hands.  If the government won't restore order and protect citizens, then citizens will take the law into their own hands and some of those doing so, may be as ruthless and violent as the left-wing mobs. 

It is time to voice our opinion and show that instead of wanting to defund the police, we want to defend the police. We want the police to restore order and we want a return to a civil society. We want to save the country.

I do not know anything about the Defend the Police organization beyond what is on their website so am not vouching for the organization, but I hope this is the real deal and the start of the silent majority regaining their voice. 

Below is a message from Defend the Police.
To our supporters, We continue to be excited about our rally! We have also taken note of some heartfelt opinions we received regarding the proposed date of September 11th. We appreciate what it means to so many and to our country as a whole, and feel the day is best served to remain a day of personal reflection versus a public rally. 

We have received an incredible amount of interest that we did not expect, yet are grateful to have received such an outpouring of support! To be clear, we are not political activists. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues. And, we want to ensure we maximize the safety of our supporters and the effect of our event by doing it the right way! After thoughtful consideration, respect for September 11th, the overwhelming interest, ideas, and feedback received, we plan to move our Save the Country Rally in Massachusetts to Saturday, September 26th. We will provide a location for our local rally in Massachusetts as we get closer to the date of the event. 

For all those who are interested in hosting a rally in their neighborhood or community, please contact us so we can work with you and help make that happen. All updated details will be posted on our Facebook event page, and our website. Contact us at the following link if you continue to be interested in supporting us! Click below to RSVP to the event!

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  1. will you be organizing an event for Nashville?

  2. I will not. There are others better equipped to do that and I have my hands full.