Monday, November 2, 2020

Is it Ok to steal an election If you believe Trump is "the greatest danger to humanity since Adolf Hitler?"

If Tump is equal to Hitler, then stealing an 
election is justified.
by Rod Williams- Imagine yourself a citizen of Germany in the early 1930's and there were parliamentary elections and if the National Socialist German Workers' Party obtained enough votes to form a government they would be able to pass laws enabling Hitler to take dictatorial powers. Would you stuff ballot boxes or harvest votes or encourage fraudulent voting to deny the Nazi's an election victory? I would. To stop Hitler from taking office, what's a little election tampering? 

I might even justify doing more than that. I would certainly hope he would die if he caught the equivalent of a Covid-19 virus. To stop Hitler, even political assassination might be justified. I would be pleased if Hitler had been assassinated in 1933 and I certainly would be pleased if his rise to power could have been stopped by a little vote tampering. 

Many Democrat leaders and popular culture personalities see Donald Trump as another Hitler. The comparison is so common that it doesn't even raise eyebrows. One hardly needs examples to illustrated it. It is in the air we breath. It is on TV talk shows and comedy shows.

Donny Deutsch, a frequent guest on MSNBC and a former program host, claimed that there was “no difference between President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and what Adolf Hitler preached in Germany in the 1930s." What is the difference between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump, he asked. "I’m not saying there is a Holocaust but when you look at the tactics, that is where we are right now.” (link

This comparing Trump to Hitler has been going on for a long time. At the 2016 Emmy award, Jill Soloway the creator of the musical Transparent, compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler over his attempt to combat illegal immigration. (link

It is not just media jerks and Hollywood liberals doing it. Democrat primary candidates for President did it. Beto O’Rourke denounced President Trump criticizing, "the rhetoric of a president who not only describes immigrants as rapists and criminals, but as animals and an infestation.” “I might expect someone to describe another human being as an infestation in the Third Reich, I would not expect it in the United States of America.” (link

Candidate Julián Castro also did it. “One of the things that [the Third Reich] did was to dehumanize people. It’s very clear that we have a president who is bound and determined to dehumanize people to create fear and paranoia about them in order to boost his own political fortunes.” (link

House Whip James Clyburn has made the comparison as has House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler. The list goes on and on. One does not have to look to the major media, Hollywood, or Washington to find the comparison, however. I you have any liberal friends who will speak their mind around you or liberal family members or liberal Facebook friends, you have encountered this comparison. 

Metro Council member Jacobia Dowell, a frequent poster to Facebook, seems to be a level-headed person. She has been a fairly moderate member of the Metro Council well within the mainstream of that body. She normally seems pretty rational but on more than one occasion I have seen her make the Tump-is-Hitler comparison. Recently she posted a meme that said, " After watching people defend Trump over the last few years, I will never again question how Hitler came to power in Germany." 

John Stern in a person I have known for many years. He is active in local civic affairs and is a neighborhood advocate having served on the board of neighborhood groups and homeowners associations and was one of the founders of a organization that represented a collection of neighborhood groups. I often disagree with him but have always respected him. He is thoughtful and well-informed and rational. He is rational except when it comes to Trump and then he is a vocal proponent of the Trump-is-Hitler point of view. 

In response to something I posted on Facebook in support of President Trump he wrote, "Rod, I am saddened to see the more intelligent of my GOP friends stand up for this pinnacle of evil. I believe that he is the greatest danger to humanity since Adolf Hitler." 

Back in July when Trump sent agents in to Portland to protect public property and counter the anarchy ruling that city, I posted something about it and John wrote this: 
This is one of the more disturbing acts of the Trump Administration. Similar to Adolf Hitler's "Brown Shirts" of the 1930's here we have a paramilitary organization conducting acts of physical and psychological violence against the rightful majority of a nation. Please remember that is was less than a third of Germans that created the pathway for the genocide, murder, or otherwise the death of 85 million people by the end of World War II. Trump's approval rating, in the low 40%'s, is far higher than Hitler's at the beginning of the "Thousand Year Reich." COVID-19 isn't the most dangerous virus on the planet - Trumpism is! 
This leads me to someone very close to me, one of my siblings.  She is smart, accomplished and informed. She is a sweet and caring compassionate person. I love her dearly but she is badly affected by TDS. When it comes to President Trump she has lost all ability to reason. TDS does that to people.

 I don't know that she has called Trump "Hitler," but she says he is a "monster." He is not someone with whom she just has policy differences or someone she does not like, but a "monster." He is not even an unsympathetic bully and a jerk; no he is a monster. In a response to something I posted recently she wrote: 
Denying climate science when people are perishing and the whole population and life on the planet is in the balance, lying about the coronavirus and encouraging people to take unnecessary risks to their lives, taking children away from their mothers at the border, secretly meeting with Russian oligarchs and Putin with no transcripts, betraying our allies in Syria, and our soldiers in Afghanistan, encouraging foreign powers to cheat in our elections, undoing regulations that keep our air, water, food and soils safer, mocking national heroes, women, freedom of the press, calling Christianity b.s. after people lay hands on him, constantly cheating charities, and threatening to undo our democracy -- it's fair to call the SOB a monster. One of these would be enough justification. He's a monster. A liar. A traitor. An idiot. A crook.

Stop and think about that.  What other leaders in history have been "monsters?"  Adolph Hitler is monster number one.  Then there is Stalin. If not a tie for number one, he is number two. Then we have Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Mao Zedong. Maybe Saddam Hussein. Maybe Lenin. Maybe  Castro. And there have been some terrible "monsters" who ruled in Africa now and then who engaged in murderous rampages and genocide and rape as a weapon of war and the occasional cannibalism. And in the civil war in the Balkans we had Slobodan Milošević.   

Recent "monsters" would probably have to include former leader of Venezuela Hugo Chávez. A current leader who has earned the title of monster is North Korea's Kim Jong-un. The prize for being the current leader who most deserves to be called a monster has to go to China's Xi Jingping for the genocide currently being carried out against the Uyghurs.

If it would have been possible to stop any of these monsters with a little vote tampering, would it not have been justified? If you believe Trump is the equivalent to Hitler or a "monster," then is not a little election tampering the moral thing to do? Almost anything is justified if you are stopping Hitler. 

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