Monday, October 26, 2020

Take a break and let me show you my yard

These tall yellow flowers are the last thing I will have in bloom.
They are called Swamp Sunflower. They started blooming about
a month ago. They are very hardy and are always the last thing to 
bloom and can withstand a frost if it is not too bad. I have still had 
them blooming as late as Thanksgiving.

by Rod Williams - Take a break from politics and let me show you my yard.  Well, there is really not much to show this time of the year, but I want to show it anyway. 

The Swamp Sunflower may be blooming as late as Thanksgiving and then about March my Primrose will be in bloom.  So, I only have about three months without something in bloom.

Last year due to a storm a big Hackberry tree fell in my neighbors yard and then I had a big old one that was in danger of falling taking out of my yard and then the other neighbor had a big tree fall.  So, my back yard which was very dark is now open to light.  I look forward to having more gardening space.  I have been collecting seeds of Iron Weed, Queen Anne's Lace, Golden Rod and more.  I am going to plant some wild fall flowers and some domestic flowers like Iris and Canna. I also hope to grow some tomatoes and peppers and okra, and some herbs. I still have sufficient shade to grow shade-loving flowers in part of my yard. 

If you want some seeds of what is still in bloom and you know where I live, help yourself. I have a variety of other seeds and love to swap or share.  I will also be thinning some Irises. If interested, contact me. 

A lot of people landscape but few people garden anymore.  I enjoy gardening. It is rewarding to watch something you planted grow. It is good exercise and sooths the soul. I know it is good for my mental health.  

I still have some Zenias in bloom. Also there is a morning
 glory amongst the Zenia. You have to be careful with the
morning glory or they will take over.  By dead-heading and
 watering, I am to extend the period of blooming but it is
about time to pull them up.  If I were more faithful about watering
they would last even longer. Butterflies, bees and birds love the Zenias
and they come in array of color.

Swamp Sunflower

This is not from my yard, but I had this in bloom until
recently.  The bloom looks almost the same as the Swamp
Sunflower but it boom about the three weeks before the Swamp
Sunflower. When this flower stops blooming the Swamp Sunflower
starts. It is called a Jerusalem Artichoke . The roots are 
edible but I have never eaten them.

These delicate blue little flowers pop up over night about this time
of the year then die after a few days, but then they will bloom again 
maybe in a warm day in late February or early March. They
grow from a bulb but unfortunately, I forgot the name of these
flowers.  Do you know the name?

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