Saturday, October 10, 2020

Why I fear this election like no other.

Rebecca Ann Burke

I am just home from a wonderful visit to my 90+ year old parents' home in Ohio. They are well, and my daughter and I were well to visit with two negative COVID tests in one week. 

I made several observations on the national election while in Ohio. Democrats have an extremely active ground game in this key state. In the conservative, affluent suburb of Upper Arlington, which in 2016 was strongly for President Trump, there were many Biden signs, joined by signs which simply said, "Enough." Typically the same yards had a "Black Lives Matter" sign with clenched fist. It was very unsettling. There were sparce Trump signs. 

My family wanted one but were afraid. I asked about the neighbors who had Biden signs out. I heard what I am also witnessing in the conservative, Williamson County, Tennessee. These were new neighbors, young families, originally from California and Chicago. In Tennessee, these "liberal" territory new families have come here over the past four years for jobs. They have arrived with companies fleeing California and the state of Washington. Yet, defying wisdom, they bring their liberal politics with them. 

My mother commented that the Chicago family says, "things are so cheap here," and they comment on the quality of schools. The same is happening in red-state Tennessee. The disconnect with liberal policies in the states they fled is absent. They bring those liberal political ideas with them, changing the landscape here. They don't seem to see the reality in front of their faces. Better schools, safer neighborhoods and lower taxes and cost of living COME FROM CONSERVATIVE social and fiscal policies. THEY, from the liberal states, are RUINING our neighborhoods, cities, and states. They are importing the same failed policies and voting for failed far-left politicians that ruined their previous homes. 

Before I left town, it was reported that the Trump Administration has pulled a significant advertising buy in the battleground state of Ohio. He can't win re-election without Ohio. He was tied in the unreliable, but important polls, 46% to 46% with Biden. I know I can't gauge anything by yard signs, but the Democrats know the impact is psychological. Trump supporters, like my family, are afraid. They are afraid to put out signs. They are afraid to answer calls/polling on the phone. One can only hope that they are in huge numbers, those intimidated into not speaking their minds. 

What a sad state of affairs in this country. The riots around the country served their purpose for the Far Left....intimidate, deprive law and order citizens of their First Amendment rights to speak a different view. We already have one foot in Marxism. I fear this election like no other. 

Watch for further posts on where I think this election is going. I have saved up many observations and opinions. I hope you will join in with yours.

Rebecca Ann Buke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018.  She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay is reposted from Facebook.  

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