Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Accept election results and move forward peacefully

by Rod Williams - I concur with the editorial in today's Tennessean.  We need to accept the outcome of the election and peacefully move forward.

The left has promised violence if Joe Biden is not elected and House leader Nancy Pelosi has said, "one way or another" Trump will be removed from office. As we know, Democrats have already attempted a failed coup.  The Justice Department spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 getting a FISA warrant based on a phony document paid for by Democrats.  Then, the House spent million and millions and months and months trying to prove Trump colluded with the Russians in and attempt to overturn the results of an election and remove the president from office. They came up empty handed.  That attempt to remove him failed.

Now, Democrats are trying to steal this election.  We see it happening all across the country.  On the other hand, many Democrats fear that Trump is planning a coup to stay in office should he lose the election.  As preposterous as that may seem to we Republicans, they really do believe it.  It is not just posturing.

Tonight we probably will not know who won the election.  It may take days.  Democrats will try to steal the election and will scream "count every vote." They will bring law suits to keep counting until they win.  Republican's will try to stop fraudulent votes from being counted. Democrats will view that as an attempt to steal the election for Trump.

There is room in the process of counting votes, for Democrat governors to do mischief. Also, if the votes from some electoral college delegations are in dispute, there is room for Nancy Pelosi to steal the election by refusing to accept the electoral college results. 

Thankfully, as long as we can get this worked out by November 20th, everything will be Ok. If on November 20th we have both Trump and Biden claiming to be President, then we are in serious trouble. That may be civil war. Fortunately that gives twelve weeks to solve the issue of who won the election in the event it is a close call. There is plenty of time to avoid a catastrophe. 

Not much is to be gained by massive protest during this time.  This will be played out in the courts and if this is a close race there will be numerous court battles to resolve this.  While I may attend a pro-Trump rally, I really do not see the point other than the cathartic benefit of venting. I will not attend a rally if it looks like leftist mobs are prepared to counter protest. 

The victor will not be decided in the streets but in the courts, should this election be close.  We do not benefit by having pitched battles in the streets between leftist mobs and Trump supporters.  While the violence has been coming from the left and while I fear left wing violence, there are far right elements that are capable of violence also. The right does not need to try to match the left. Let them have the streets. 

I am prepared to defend myself if attacked. I will not allow a mob to break my car windows with their skateboard and pull me out and beat me. If I fear for my life I will use deadly force to protect myself, but I am not going looking for trouble. I am going to avoid the urban core of Nashville if it looks like we are seeing an escalation of tension.  I am also going to avoid the Interstate interloop.  On an interstate, if stopped, you have no escape route.  I am going to, first of all, avoid conflict and retreat but will protect myself if necessary. 

I am going to accept the outcome of this election.  Win or lose, peacefully determining who is the next president is more important than who actually is the president. I want Republicans to fight every legal battle to win, but if in the end we lose, I accept it. I may still feel the election was stolen but if there is a crisis I want it resolved peaceably.  Let the left have the streets for a few days, what does it matter?  

I accept that we may see violence from the left.  But that will not determine the outcome of the election. Those Democrats who are not already part of the mob, and that is most, need to stay calm.  Trump supporters need to stay calm.  If it is close, we need to let it play out in the courts and then carry on with our lives.  Win or lose, we need to accept the results even if we feel the outcome was wrongly decided. Then, we need to try to put the election behind us and get busy trying to win the next election.  As long as we preserve the country we can have another campaign in four more years.  While this, like every other elections, may be "the most important election of our lifetime," there will be other elections if we do not destroy our republic trying to win this battle. 

Stay calm, stay peaceful, accept the outcome. 

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