Thursday, November 19, 2020

Case against Dominion is our only hope of overturning the election.

Rebecca Ann Burke
by Rebecca Ann Burke- As a Constitutional scholar, Alan Dershowitz, today stated the direction of legal actions in the very same vein that I have been advocating here, and many disagree with. 

Today, we got a global view of the legal actions being pursued. Dershowitz characterizes these as of TWO types: "retail" challenges based on individual accusations/affidavits about election fraud. Retail, because these are now "hearsay" and have to be ruled on one at a time and together may not be enough to overturn the election in a state or certainly, overall. This is consistent with what I have been saying, and suggesting that many of these legal cases be dropped or consolidated because they all cost money and distract and not yield enough votes to change the outcome. 

Dershowitz, speaks with great interest, about the second TYPE: "wholesale" challenge that was presented today. Again, this is the position I am taking. The issue of Dominion Election software is HUGE. If this can be disallowed or discredited, that turns the election in several states. However, note this, challenges to Dominion software use must be litigated STATE TO STATE. Each will decide, and if individual states agree that the results are suspect, the decision will end up in the US House of Representatives. This is a LONG path and we may not have time. Georgia, due to have their results CERTIFIED TOMORROW, must be stopped. Governor Brian Kemp seems determined to allow the certification. This is one step closer to making an election impossible to overturn, or at least very highly unlikely. 

As Dershowitz says, and I hasten to add that it has been my position in saying I am not optimistic, TIME is NOT on our side. Deadlines are proscribed by the Constitution. However, it is this single WHOLESALE case against Dominion that I believe gives us our only hope of overturning the election.

Rebecca Ann Burke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018. She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay is reposted from Facebook.

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