Thursday, November 19, 2020

Everyone needs to see this. The Trump team presents the evidence. Don't let anyone convince you this was a fair election.


by Rod Williams - I am reposting the Trump legal team news conference of today in case readers missed it elsewhere. This needs to be seen by everyone. It is powerful. If you missed it, please watch it.

Liberals and the mainstream press, which has lost any credibility they once had by selective reporting news and hiding news from the American people rather than reporting news, continues to falsely claim that there is no evidence of significant fraud in this election. The evidence of fraud is presented. It is overwhelming. There was massive fraud.  This is not the first time we have had election fraud in this country. This is the first time we have had massive mail-in voting so this is the first time in our history we have had such opportunity for fraud on this scale.  I do not know that a significant amount of fraud can be proven within the time frame allotted to change the outcome of the election.  Maybe it can't,  but one should not accept that this was a fair election.  

I still think O. J. Simpson was guilty of murder. That it could not be proven in a court of law will not cause me to believe he was innocent.  Joseph Stalin was never convicted of a crime but that does not stop me from believing he was responsible for the death of approximately three million Russians.  I still believe Al Capone was guilty of more than just tax evasion.  

With time, I believe the Trump team could prevail in their challenges to this election but time is running out.  In addition to time running out, some fraud can not be proven. Once the mail-in ballot was removed from the envelope in which it was mailed, that fraud became unprovable.  When observers were prevented from viewing and examining the process of opening and counting mail-in ballots, the opportunity to prove the fraud was lost forever.  A recount is simply a recount of fraudulent ballots.  Probably the only way to change the outcome of this election at this point is if the Trump team prevails on the allegation of election fraud tied to Dominion software.  

Assuming the Dominion software challenge is not successful, Joe Biden has probably won this election. Despite believing this election was likely won due to fraud, I think once we have exhausted all legal challenges and the election results are certified, assuming they are, we have to accept the outcome.  Accepting the outcome does not mean we have to agree that the outcome was correct.  Accepting the outcome does not mean we agree Joe Biden won honestly or we had a fair election. I will accept the outcome simply because the alternative to accepting the outcome is revolution.  I will accept the outcome because it is preferable to civil war. I will acquiesce. Hopefully we can move forward to insure the next election is fair and put safeguards in place to prevent future massive election fraud. 

If we lose, accept the outcome and welcome a peaceful transfer of power but don't let anyone tell you this was a fair election. Accepting the outcome does not mean we have to participate in the ceremonial transfer of power and pretend Joe Biden deserves his victory. Accept it because it is better than the alternative. Accepting the outcome does not mean we honor the outcome.

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