Sunday, November 15, 2020

It is time. The President should concede with dignity, mindful of the future and his legacy.

Rebecca Ann Burke
by Rebecca Ann Burke - In a manner of speaking, today by Tweet, President Trump conceded that Biden won. Yes, he is correct. The suggestion and evidence of fraud is massive. The opportunity was there. Suspect software was used in multiple states. States destroyed the sacred declaration of a given date as voting day by extending it by days, longer than a week, to give suspect parties an opportunity to gather votes. The states refused to verify signatures, thus enabling and covering for fraud, possibly massive.  Those around the President, even his family, are suggesting that he concede. They are right. The courts have begun to turn against him and the possibility of throwing the nation into widespread rioting and a constitutional crisis is a reality. 

They are wrong, too. This is a sacred process and they are denying the President and 72,000,000 people, our day in court. Three major suits in Pennsylvania, home to a long history of voting fraud, have been tossed out by the courts, however. It does not look good. 

The President is a campaigner like no other. The COVID virus kept him out of commission for over a week. He returned to the campaign trail despite doctors' caution that he was still healing. He risked his own health, at his age, to get on the move. If not for that measure of courage, the vote, with fraud baked in, would have been overwhelming. As it is, he nearly won.  Clearly, he is a gigantic vote motivator, but he lost precious time. He can anoint anyone he wants to run in four years, and they will win. 

I believe he will be too old to run himself.  I fear for the NYC attorney general, with her own political aspirations, coming after him and not stopping until he is physically and financially broken. It is not enough for the Far Left to defeat you at the polls, they want to crush you so that anyone tempted to oppose them fears the same fate. The President must focus on the next stage of the fight. 

Right now, I am concerned about his legacy. The words that he utters in concession, a formal one, will be the postscript to an illustrious term as President. I wish for him to carefully consider each word. He need not even mention Biden by name. Biden certainly did not work hard to earn this. He was hidden in the basement by his team who feared everything he might utter. 

This should be the most carefully worded and lofty "promise" of his short political career. He has accomplished more in a short four years, impeded by improper investigations, than any president in my lifetime. He is writing the last paragraph on his page in history books. Let this be absent the vinegar; talk of the marvel of America and that this election will forever motivate true-blue Americans to fight for free and fair elections void of misdeeds. He needs to remind again of all that was accomplished. 

As Biden unravels much of what has been accomplished, we will harken back to the President's words, reminding us of how hard we fought to make positive change. This will become the battle cry two years from now and four years from now. 

Finally, I would like to see the President and the foot-draggers around him in Congress fulfill as many promises to the American people as possible before the end of the President's term. I would like to see him pardon individuals every single day until the end of his term. That includes those unjustly persecuted because they were tied to him in friendship or the campaign, through a bogus Russia investigation. I want the (excuse me) DAMN Durham report released fully, today!!!! I want Barr to move on endless investigations with indictments, today!  I want all outstanding court seats, filled, today!! 

Finally, (you all may disagree, however) the President was willing to correct the cruel policy of the Obama administration that denied citizenship benefits to the children of illegals who were brought here as infants, toddlers and adolescents, without choice. They have been raised in this country, in our schools, and hold down jobs. Meeting strict criteria for their legitimization, and denying that to those adults who are illegal, he should grant a path to citizenship in short order. Mainstream Republicans feel this is something that should have been corrected long ago. Their category of citizenship should NOT be able to be extended to anyone else, certainly not the family members who brought them here illegally. 

This is the President's last opportunity to right wrongs and put his stamp on the future. Republicans in Congress ought to stand with him to strategize their way to permanent changes in fulfillment of any unfinished business. We have long memories. We have only two years to wait to bring justice for the President against those members of Congress who don't help complete NOW, what the President started but cannot complete without them. They should be shaking in their boots.

Rebecca Ann Burke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018. She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay is reposted from Facebook.

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1 comment:

  1. With all do respect, your are wrong. It is NOT time to concede, tuck tail and run like the Mitt Romney and W's of the past. NOW is the time to fight the rampant fraud associated with the Democrat party that comes around every election cycle, regardless of the outcome of this election. Because once Trump is gone, Republican's will assume the typical spineless go along to get along position they are used to.

    Whether we are the Deplorable's, Chumps or The Trump Coalition, what we are not is the go along to get along gang of Republican's past. If need be a 3rd Party may be in order, if Repub's return to their more comfortable position.

    So join the fight and help ensure free, fair and fraud free future elections or stand to the side and we will do it. But don't assume we will continue to let you stay in the club.