Saturday, November 7, 2020


From American Conservative Union:

Free and fair elections are under attack. We must unite to demand transparency and fight for our democracy. Leftists may steal this election and our system of choosing our leaders will remain vulnerable to corruption. 

Early Tuesday night, President Trump was outperforming predictions nationwide. Since then, vote count irregularities popped up in crucial battleground states. We’re particularly concerned about Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia. This afternoon, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney told President Trump to put on “his big boy pants” and concede, because he lost. 

At least 40,000 votes are still uncounted in the make-or-break state of Pennsylvania, but the mayor of its biggest city is calling it for Biden before all the votes are even counted! It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Pollsters, pundits, media outlets, and Big Tech have colluded to send the false message, despite hard data to the contrary, that President Trump cannot win this election. They want Americans to believe it is over. 

Here’s the truth: 
  • Republicans gained House seats 
  • Republicans are likely to hold the Senate 
  • Voting irregularities in multiple battleground states could mean a second term for President Trump There was and is no blue wave. 
 We are on the case. Our Chairman, Matt Schlapp, is on the ground with Team Trump in Nevada to ensure every LEGAL ballot is counted whether the partisan election officials like it or not. This morning, Matt was on Fox & Friends detailing the assaults going on to our free and fair elections in Nevada. 

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