Sunday, November 22, 2020

Pennsylvania lawsuit loss opens the door for a Supreme Court ruling, but this election will never be overturned.

Rebecca Ann Burke
by Rebecca Ann Burke- In a stinging rebuke, Pennsylvania Judge Matthew Braun dismissed the Trump campaign's largest lawsuit to date. Two results were gained, the rebuke and also the open door to proceed to the US Supreme Court. Judge Braun called it "strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations haphazardly stitched together." Further, without concluding that the claims together were not troublesome, he indicated that the case they brought did not rise to the disenfranchisement of 7,000,000 voters. 

As I have said repeatedly on my page, and so many loyal Trump supporters, as I am, have refused to allow me to even state the obvious without attack, this is an uphill battle that we cannot prove in the defined timetable remaining. I don't believe FOR A SECOND, that the United States Supreme Court will say anything other than, IF THEY ARE GENEROUS, you have claims that are troublesome, it appears there are startling irregularities and opportunity for misdeeds, HOWEVER, this election is about 50 separate elections, with 50 sets of practices that could and should be improved, BUT the disenfranchisement of over 150,000,000 voters cannot be entertained. 

That said, the election will never be overturned. The voting right is sacred but the patchwork of laws, state to state, do not guarantee that this sacred practice is a pure one devoid of corruption. It is a disaster and will continue to be so, allowing foreign influence and yes, even manipulation of voting software to happen as long as states act as 50 separate fiefdoms, which invite and coddle that corruption. 

I am seriously worried that this fight, which has even divided one Trump supporter from another Trump supporter, is tearing apart all the marvelous accomplishments of Trump's presidency. This ugly fight that hurts everyone, and DOES NOT overturn a thing, will be President Trump's page in the history books. I, for one, who fought with time and dollar to get Trump elected in 2016, will not stand for it. I will write about it until someone listens. 

A Democrat led, and foreign influence mechanized effort, the players of which are yet to be identified, have used every tactic in the book in a single election, to pull out a win. Only state legislation fifty times over can fix this. Coast to coast, the practice of mail-in voting, even in the face of an epidemic, must be prohibited! The practice of same day voter registration and voting must be outlawed, it is also an open door to fraud so massive that it is undetectable. The practice of VERIFYING signatures must also include voter photo ID, and that identity MUST be compared with registration records by EYE and by electronic scanner, BOTH. This must be done at the time of voting so that the voter has an opportunity to challenge or provide a proper signature. NO ballot is considered legitimate if received AFTER the close of business on voting day. There are weeks in advance to get these in and that is sufficient. Taxing poll capabilities on the day of and days later with late arriving ballots creates a highway-sized door for fraud. 

No polling machine should be connected to the internet as voting takes place. As they should be and mostly are now, multiple test runs of the software take place before one legitimate vote is cast. Votes should then be relayed by independent measure, to a central voting tally office, avoiding the internet. In the most digitized country in the world, there is no excuse for any opportunity for voting software to be hacked, or votes switched, or changed in relaying totals. This should never happen. While Silicon Valley is loaded with liberal-minded individuals, there are plenty of software engineers with conservative beliefs that can and should be involved in protection of voting software. 

If the money to facilitate is there, I believe the best gift of the US Supreme Court would be to order that every ballot in this country be preserved in its original form, and housed in a secure location outside of each state. I would also love to have the gift of an order to states and local jurisdictions, to today download their polling software for preservation at that secure site. It may take an army of engineers, the next five years, but we will truly get to the quantification and sources of fraud in this election. That is the only way we will ever truly know. It will not be in time to save the President's second term. It may provide the opportunity for another term in 2024, but barring that, preliminary results could create a massive groundswell defeat in the midterm 2022 election, of all those who even remotely enabled, or even knew about, the largest election fraud in U.S. history. That INCLUDES Republicans and Democrats. 

The moment the US Supreme Court rules, and I frankly am not looking forward to that day, the President must set aside all the antipathy that has surrounded this election and focus on preserving his legacy. Spiritually, I believe God's hand is in this. His plan wasn't about the winning as much as it was in saving the country from this patchwork of fraud ever poisoning again, our future.

Rebecca Ann Burke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018. She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay is reposted from Facebook.

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  1. Of course, I would like to see the election overturned but the most IMPORTANT problem is the blatant corruption of the election process. Don't care how many were corrupted - if only one fell in that category, something needs to be done. These Affidavits need to be addressed and process fixed.