Sunday, November 1, 2020

Snapshots from the Super Trump Truck rally in Nashville today.

by Rod Williams - Today was a great day for an afternoon outdoor rally.  It was a beautiful sunny cool fall day. 

Today there was a huge Trump Truck rally that took place near Opryland Hotel in the big parking lot of the shopping center that is behind Nashville Palace.  There were hundred, maybe thousands, of people and hundreds of decorated trucks displaying support for Donald Trump's reelection. The big parking lot was full and cars were parking out on the street.

There were fiery speeches and singing the national anthem and cheers and roaring applause. There was a sea of American flags and Trump flags and a sprinkling of other banners and flags such as the thin-blue-line flag and the Gadsden flag and a few others.  There were people wearing funny hats and tee shirts with clever slogan. It was a great time!

Truck caravans started from about a dozen locations throughout middle Tennessee and converged at the Music City Valley Drive location, all meeting there between about noon and 1PM.  This event was organize by Rick Williams. 

Among the speakers was Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church of Mt. Juliet. He is a charismatic Charismatic. He preached a little sermon and led a prayer. He called for a return to righteousness in America and had the crowd hollowing "amen."

One of the most impressive speakers of the day was _________  ________ of North Carolina.  She had not been a political activist until this year.  She says she had never spoken in person. Fed up with the Trump bashing and disgusted with the way things were going and being reported, she organized the first Trump truck rally to show support for President Trump.  From there she became somewhat of a celebrity, offering her opinion of what is going on in the world and urging people to be bold in showing their support for President Trump.  Her following on Facebook reached 27,000 people until Facebook shut her down.

During her speech she took a page from the BLM playbook with a "say their name" segment. She said 36 (I believe it was 36) people had been killed by BLM protesters. She

Pastor Greg Locke

would tell a little about each one and how they died. She would then say their name and then ask the audience to, "Say their name."  The audience would then yell it back to her. 

Scott Golden, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party spoke and the keynote speaker was Senator Mark Green.  Both were good and motivational and full of energy. 

Rick Williams

Congressman Mark Green


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