Monday, December 14, 2020

Only an idiot would require a sidewalk to be build like this. Why can we not sanely build sidewalks?


by Rod Williams, 12/13/2020- Please look at these pictures.  This was taken yesterday while I was taking a walk, on a street that runs between Belmont Blvd. and 12th Ave. South.  Out of many city blocks with sidewalks, this is the only lot with a portion of the sidewalk not aligning with the existing sidewalk.  it sticks out like a sore thumb. This is nuts!  

Not only do we tear up perfectly good sidewalks to replace them with clean new sidewalks, and not only do we spend millions on building sidewalks but get almost no new sidewalks where sidewalks did not exist before to show for it, and not only do we burden homeowners who want to remodel there home by making them pay for new sidewalks, and not only do we increase the cost of housing and hasten the demise of affordable housing by our sidewalk policy, we also build sidewalks stupidly. 

For more on our inability to sanely build sidewalks see the following:

Perfectly Serviceable Sidewalks being Ripped up and Replaced with New Sidewalks!

Why are they tearing up perfectly good sidewalks?

Replacing good sidewalk with new sidewalks; no wonder we are broke.

Nashville has allocated $60 million for sidewalks. Only 3.5 miles of new sidewalks!!

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