Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Road to socialism should not run through Georgia. Now is the time to step up to the plate. Freedom hangs in the balance.

by Rod Williams, 12/15/2020 - Yesterday early voting started in Georgia for the January 5 Senate runoff elections.  Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock are challenging incumbent GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. These races weren't decided in November's elections because no one received a majority of the vote in either contest so the top two vote-getters in each race are in a runoff. Early voting ends on December 31. 

One has heard so often that a particular election is the most important election of our lifetime that after a while it just becomes empty noise. They can't all be the most important. But this time, I really believe that the Georgia runoff elections for Georgia's U. S. Senate races may very well, in fact. be the most important election of our life time.  If we lose Georgia there is nothing stopping the Democrats from adopting their radical agenda. While I don't think Biden is the most dangerous candidate the Democrat Party could have nominated, he will not buck the radicals in the Party. He has already essentially adopted their agenda. 

 The whole party has moved to the left and they will adopt policies that will destroy America if they have the votes. If David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lose their races for the Senate in Georgia, Democrats will take complete and total control of Congress. Chuck Shumer becomes the Senate Majority leader.

 I don't tend to be an alarmist. There is often a kind of ebb and flow to politics. But I see our Republic as hanging by a thread. If we lose Georgia, we may be on the road to becoming Venezuela. Georgia stands between us and America becoming a socialist nation. We may never have another competitive fair election. Stacking the deck by giving statehood to D.C and Puerto Rico combined with the institutionalization of massive use of mail-in ballots and things like same-day voter registration and practices that prohibit making voters prove who they are, may mean Republicans never again win national elections. 

What can we look forward to if Democrats gain control of the Senate? Packing the Supreme Court, Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, loss of our Second Amendment rights, statehood for Washington D. C. and Puerto Rico, open borders and the most massive wave of illegal immigrants we have ever experienced, student loan forgiveness and free college tuition, higher taxes, cuts to military funding, a revival of the long dormant Equal Rights Amendment, abolishing the electoral college, defunding the police, a universal $15 an hour minimum wage, ending the filibuster and more. It also means no investigation of the Biden family influence peddling in Ukraine, China and Russia. 

The Green New Deal alone would impoverish the nation and destroy our economy. With the Green New Deal passed, government will grow to alleviate the misery caused by the policy.  Government will respond to the economic crisis caused by the Green New Deal with more redistribution, wage and price controls and more tax and spend. What is left of a free market economy will disappear and a growth in police state authority will follow. 

 "Wait a minute," some will say.  "Some of what you say will happen, they can't do. It would take a constitutional amendment to curtail the Second Amendment and abolish the Electoral College and the States would have to ratify statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico."  Normally, that would be true, but if Democrats control the Senate and they pack the Court, they can do whatever they want to do.  A Supreme Court dominated by liberal jurist will find ways to accommodate the desires of a Democrat Congress. 

Curtailing the Second Amendment will be accomplished by a mandatory "buy-back" program and liberal jurist will find it compatible with the Constitution.  Liberal jurist are not so immoral that they will just let Democrats do what ever they please, but the judicial philosophy of liberal jurist is that the Constitution is a living document. This judicial philosophy holds that the Constitution was intentionally written using broad language and concepts which should evolve as society evolves.  Liberal jurist look not to what the meaning was of the original text but what was the underlying purpose of the constitutional provision. This view can essentially remove any restraints on Congress. A Court packed with activist judges will find a way to allow curtailment of the Second Amendment, abolishing the Electoral College and Statehood of D. C. and Puerto Rico. With the Court packed there are no constitutional constraints. 

Liberals are going all out to win Georgia.  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said herself that she is putting every effort into winning Georgia so she, “doesn’t have to negotiate with Republicans.” Democrats are pouring millions of dollars into Georgia to win votes.  An army of Democrats are pouring into the state to door knock for the Democrat nominees. They are even encouraging people to move to Georgia and register to vote.  While few Republicans could do that, there are a lot of young people without roots or jobs that tie them down that may very well temporarily become Georgians just so they can vote in this election.  

Republicans also have a disadvantage in this election, in that Georgia has permitted voter fraud to occur. Georgia is not the worst offender among the states that made it easy to cheat but this run off election may be so close that  little cheating goes a long way.  We have to win Georgia by enought votes to make up for the voter fraud margin. Georgia has not adopted mail-in voting, but has liberally allowed absentee voting. Over 150,000 people in Georgia voted absentee in the November election. There were proven incidents in Georgia of over 1000 people voting twice; voting absentee and then also voting in person. There is no way to know how many actually did this; 1000 were detected.  

Georgia also allowed "ballot curing."  This is the practice of allowing one whose absentee ballot has been rejected due to a missing signature of for some other reason, up to three days to correct the mistake.  This is not fraud per se but Democrats had trained activists to help people “cure” ballots that had been rejected on Election Day."  I think this practice should be banned, but if it is not, then I hope Republicans also have an army of people available to help Republicans "cure" ballots. If Republicans do not get up to speed and commit to matching the Democrats in "curing" ballots, Democrats may win in a close election. I have not heard of Republicans training people in this unsavory practice but I hope they have done so. 

Republicans must pull out all of the stops to win Georgia. They have stepped up their game, thank goodness, but is it enough?   They have more and better trained poll watchers and more lawyers standing by.  I don't know who is ahead in fund raising in Georgia but Republicans are spending a vast sum.  I am doing my part.  I give money to candidates in races I care about from time to time, but my contributions are usually like a hundred dollars here and a hundred dollars there.  In this race I am doing more.  I have already given close to $3,000.   I am not revealing this to get a pat on the back but to encourage you to do the same. If I can do it, you can too.   I am not a wealthy person.  I am of modest means. I am retired and have a modest income.  But, I really believe this may be the most important election of my lifetime.  There are some probably reading this, who could give $10,000 or $20,000 and not miss it.

If you can't give much money, there are other ways to help.  One can go to Georgia and knock on doors. I have several friends who are in Georgia now doing that. Contact your local or State Republican Party and ask how you can volunteer.  If you can't pay your own expenses for this, the State Party or the campaign of the candidate may be willing to pay your expenses. Ask. In addition to the Party sending volunteers to Georgia, organizations like Heritage Action are also doing so. 

Another way you can help, besides giving money, is to sign up to make phone calls.  Sometimes this would be from a party headquarters, but often one can do it from the comfort of one's home.  I have done this.  Computer programs give you the name and address of who you are calling, the list has been developed so one is calling Republicans or persuadable voters, and the computer program dials the next number for you. You then enter the results of the effort in the data base. This may be even more important than a cash contribution.  

Ever year about this time I give money to various causes other than just political causes.  Within the next couple days or so, I will be doing that.  One thing I usually give money to are agencies that help the homeless.  What better way to fight future homelessness than to join the fight to keep America from becoming the next Venezuela. I have already decided some organization I have supported in the past are not getting a check from me this year. Most of my year-end giving is going to Georgia.  This year, I think giving money so Republicans hold Georgia is more important than a contribution to the Alzheimer's Association or the local Republican Party. I may dip into my child's inheritance.  I would rather leave her a free America than an extra thousand dollars. 

Some of you reading this, I know do more than I do, but some of you who could do something, don't.  If  you are an armchair opinionated Facebook patriot or a scholar of conservative thought but do not give money to things you profess to believe, now is the time.  Your country needs you. 

There are a lot ways to give money. The candidate's have their campaigns, which is how I have given most of my money, but there are also independent PAC's.  Newt Gringrich has a PAC, Mitch McConnell has a PAC, Rand Paul has a PAC and a bunch of other people all raising money off of the importance of saving. Georgia.  The problem with a PAC is that their fund-raising letter may say it is for the Georgia campaign but they may save the money to spend on different races.  I am giving to the candidates and here are links to their campaigns. 
Georgians for Kelly Loeffler, the candidates campaign. 

Please give.  The road to socialism should not run through Georgia, Please do it. Freedom is in the balance. 

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