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Event by Mark Smith
Jan 5, 2021 at 9 PM CST – Jan 7, 2021 at 4:30 AM CST 
Price: Free · 
Duration: 1 day 
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook 
Have you had enough yet? Feeling like you want to be part of something that makes the difference in your country as it is being taken over by leftists and Marxists? Tired of doing all the driving? Have I got a bus ride for you!! There is a Chartered bus leaving out from Nashville Tennessee. (EXACT LOCATION WILL BE GIVEN AT REGISTRATION) and we are riding up to Washington DC because our President is calling us to come and protest along side him as he pursues the legal options to regain his rightful place as the President of the United States of America. There is surely more to say about all that at some point. The bus holds 56 folks. We are going to fill it and when we do, we will start working on filling another. THIS IS TRICKY. The cost is $120.00 per seat if we sell all 56 seats. So we really need everyone to push this out. I don't want to be telling anyone that the bus is not able to leave the station. HELP ME SHARE THIS EVENT PLEASE. BELOW IS THE SCHEDULE: JAN 5th -leave Nashville at 9:30 PM get to DC at 9:30 AM -JAN 6th Get back on the bus at 6:30 PM after an awesome day with fellow patriots and will arrive back in Nashville at 4:30 AM on JAN 7th. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW - SHARE IN EVERY GROUP YOU CAN. We have to fill this bus full of patriots! Who's in? If you click on the INTERESTED button you will receive a FB message to establish contact and answer any questions that you may have. God Bless your journey! #TRUMPWINS CONTACT: Lee Miller - 931-305-0626 NOTE: The bus trip is not Chase Matheson's bus trip. But his is going to awesome too! 

As the author of A Disgruntled Republican I often post items which I think may be of interest to the conservative, Republican, libertarian or the greater community. Posting of a press release or an announcement of an event does not necessarily indicate an endorsement. Rod

Rod's Comment
I will not be taking part. I will not be taking the bus trip to Washington.  I also do not support the effort to have Congress refuse to accept the results of the electoral college vote.  I believe that fraud occurred in this election but the Trump campaign could not make their case in court.  Also, I am not sure the fraud rose to the level to change the outcome of the election. I think it best to let this play out in the courts and congress without public pressure.  I support a peaceful transfer of power.

While the Trump team is floating ideas of a declaration of marital law and suspending the constitution, I do not want to associated with a massive protest that would seem to support the Trump effort to keep fighting to hold onto power.  

Many of my friends are still supporting Trump's attempt to hold onto power by any means.  I know some of you are signing up for this protest bus trip. I wish you a safe trip. I hope we remain friends but I cannot endorse this effort to continue fighting to hold on to power. Some of my friends are even ready to support a military coup or secession.  Not me.  I am not manning any barricades or taking up arms. 

I think it is time, past time, to admit Trump lost the election and he has failed to make the case the election was stolen.  I favor a smooth transition to the next administration, continuing to be the loyal opposition, winning the Senate seats in Georgia so we can blunt the worst of the next administration's policies, and then retake the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024.  Even if we suspect the election is stolen, I do not want to become a banana republic where a military coup is a common occurrence.  We should exhaust every legal and constitutional remedy and then accept the results. 

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