Thursday, January 7, 2021

Lt. Governor Randy McNally congratulates President-elect Joe Biden extents well-wishes.


Rod's Comment: I am pleased to see our Lieutenant Governor make this statement. I share the sentiment.  Unfortunately, his Facebook post is getting lots of angry faces and sad faces and some really mean comments.  It is still hard for me to believe how mean-spirited Trumpinistas can be.  I gave him a thumbs up. 

It is time for all Republican leaders across the country to issue a similar statement. This used to be routine. It is simply good manners.  It is sportsmanship. It is what people do in a civil society.  Is there a certain amount of hypocrisy in wishing well someone you just tried to defeat? Yes, I guess so. But manners are often a form of hypocrisy. When you meet the new spouse of your ex-spouse at your child's school function or at some other pubic function, you may be polite and smile, when you do not feel like smiling. Being polite keeps us from killing each other. 

I do wish Biden well as he leads this nation.  I certainly wish him good health.  I wish him wisdom to make the right decisions in dealing with our adversaries.  I wish him courage and resolve in resisting those who would pull him further to the left. I hope he utterly fails at advancing his party's agenda, however.  

I hope he fails at packing the supreme court, at passing the Green New Deal, at defunding police, at abolishing the electoral college, at statehood for D.C and Puerto Rico, at raising taxes, at opening the borders to illegal immigration, at destroying America's energy independence, at socializing health care, at infringing on the Second Amendment and other Democrat policy objectives. 

Disagreeing with his agenda and hoping he fails to achieve these policy objectives however, does not mean we have to be disagreeable personably.  We can be the loyal opposition without being jerks.

Congratulations Mr. Biden on your victory and I wish you well. 

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