Saturday, January 23, 2021

Senator Bob Corker feels vindicated, as he should.

by Rod Williams - Senator Bob Corker supported the Republican ticket in 2016 but was an early critic of President Trump beginning  in 2017.  I am sure many other Republican leaders felt the same way, but fearful of being primaried or attacked as "establishment" or "RINO," if they expressed their concerns, they kept quit. Bob Corker did not. Of course, in 2018 Corker did not seek a third term.

At one point Corker described the White House as an "adult day care."  And, he once said Trump's cabinet would “help separate our country from chaos.” This is recalled in an article published Jan. 10th in Politico, and excerpted in the January 19th Tennessee Star.   

After Trump incited the deadly attack on the Capitol, Corker says he has been vindicated in his criticism of Trump. “Nobody's perfect.' he told Politico. "You don't ever have all of the information. But I think I’ve been validated.  My observations about his character and his conduct certainly have been validated, unfortunately, with people's lives being lost. And our country appearing to be run by a tin pot dictator to people around the world.” 

In speaking about the future of the Republican Party, Corker said, "Republicans are going to have to have a real debate about who they are going to be. The Republican Party has been a party of adults, and people who make tough decisions. Obviously, that hasn't been the case in recent times."

Corker says the recent attack on the Capitol has diminished Trump and lessened his political influence.  I hope Corker is right and think he is, but I am not sure to what degree.  Trump still has a large devoted, almost cult-like following and he has a huge war chest raised under the false pretenses of using the money to fight the alleged voter fraud that he claimed cost him the election.  My fear is that in a crowded field, Trump could again win the Party's nomination, unless he is barred from seeking reelection or dies between now and 2024,  If nominated, he would lose badly in a general election as the party's nominee and Joe Biden or Kamala Harris would be virtually assured of being reelected.

In any event, Bob Corker is justified in feeling vindicated for being a critic of Donald Trump.

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