Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Trump farewell address: It is a shame we did not see more of this Trump.

by Rod Williams - Below is President Trump's farewell address. If you have not already watched it, please do. President Trump had some remarkable achievements and he was capable of being a great leader. If we would have seen more of this Trump on the campaign trail I truly believe it would be Trump being being sworn in for a second term on January 20th rather than Joe Biden being sworn in. This is a speech, much like his Mt. Rushmore July 4th address and the Trump acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, that can make people feel good about the country and  the Trump presidency. 

Instead of this Trump, unfortunately we more often saw a angry man who was crude and rude and self absorbed. Instead of uniting people around a shared vision for the future, he drove wedges between people. Instead of appealing to the best in people, he appealed to the worst. Instead of attracting people to the cause, he unnecessarily alienated people. It is a shame.  He leaves the country in the hands of Democrats with a radical agenda. 

Even after losing the election, if President Trump would have made the Georgia senate races about stopping the Democrat agenda rather than about Donald Trump, he could have at least left the country with a divided government. Unfortunately, President Trump too often put Donald Trump ahead of the good of the county.  He lost the White House and the Senate and left the Republican Party weak and divided.  What a shame. He could have been a great President. 


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  1. I think he was a great President. I also think he would have done Well to have polished off some off the rough edges. It would not have made him less strong. I guess he made his choice. I am sure plenty of people offered constructive criticism. Lydia

  2. In my opinion, President Trump was a great President. It is a shame that people seemed to take for granted all of the many, many accomplishments that he made. Instead, so many picked apart, as stated above, the rough edges. More greatness was certain to come. Now unfortunately we have lost so much of what he had in place and are suffering the consequences. Very scary times that we are living in.