Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Anti-tax ballot measure returns to Nashville

Jim Roberts
Tennessee Lookout - An anti-tax group with opaque funding is taking another swing at completely overhauling how Metro sets its tax rate just a few months after its first charter amendment proposal was deemed illegal by a Nashville judge. 

The group 4GoodGovernment sent out mail pieces late last week seeking the approximately 32,000 signatures it would need to trigger a voter referendum on six proposed changes to the Metro charter. The group is led by attorney Jim Roberts, who has been at the center of political and professional controversy.

Roberts’ attempt at appealing last year’s 34% property tax increase and giving voters the ability to approve many city government bond issuances failed when Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled in November that the referendum proposal was “facially unconstitutional.”

So, Roberts went back to the drawing board, drafting six changes to the charter amendment. Most notably, 4GoodGovernment wants to revert the property tax rate to its 2019 levels before the 34 percent increase. The tax cut would take effect in the upcoming fiscal year beginning June 30. 

The charter amendment proposal would also: (continue reading)

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