Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Demoted ex-firefighter captain sues city over demotion over political incorrect Facebook postings

Captain Tracy Turner
Story highlights:

  • Tracy Turner was demoted from captain to firefighter in August 2020 over things he posted on his private Facebook page.
  • He was also required to undergo sensitivity training.
  • Capt. Turner has served the Nashville Metro Fire Department for 25 years.
  • He is suing the city for $2million.
  • His post disparaged the BLM and Antifa movement.
  • When called out over the inappropriateness of his comments, he issued an apology that said, "“I would like to put out a public apology to anyone I may have offended …I am a Conservative, I love my job as a firefighter and have worked in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville …some of closest friends are black fireman.”
  • His critics and the Department were not mollified.
  • These are examples of his Facebook post:
    • “If you’ve been mistreated by someone of a different race, most of the time it’s because one of you are a jerk. Not your skin color.”
    • “What we done? We have raised a generation of morons that think that police are evil, especially the white ones …that all white people are racist and privileged …what have we done?”
    • “These Protesters are the stupidest people on the planet, other than the arsonist and looters that hang out with them,” and, “It’s not that the Anti-Fa and BLM thugs are so strong that they are able to take over part of a city...It’s that the Democrat Mayors are so weak as to let it happen. Shameful.”
  • Nashville Metro Council Member Emily Benedict and Tennessee Democratic state Rep. Vincent Dixie pushed to have Turner fired.
For more on this story see link, link, link, link and link.

Rod's comment: I hope Captain Turner wins his lawsuit. The stifling of conservative speech has gone on long enough.  If one can be punished for saying critical things against BLM and Antifa rioters then  speech critical of the police and favoring the protest should be punishable also.  I do accept certain limits on speech of public employees.  Any employee advocating violence or promoting a neo-Nazi or neo-Communist point of view should be punished. Captain Turner's speech did not cross any unacceptable line as far as I can tell. He simply violated political correctness standards, he disagree with current liberal orthodoxy.  This is all a pattern of the cancel culture, shouting down conservative speakers on campus, big tech censuring conservatives and the thought-control, group-think being imposed on our county and the stifling of dissenting opinions. 

To contribute to his defense follow this link to he Go Fund Me page.

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  1. Personally, I think the statement about Democratic mayors is probably what nailed his coffin shut. There is more to that statement than what meets the eye. Nashville is having a financial crisis and it is affecting public servants. It wasn't too smart to berate the mayor since his paycheck comes from Nashville. It doesn't matter if he is posting this on his personal FB page or not. He is a city employee. If he has a beef with the mayor's office he should have gone to his union about it.

    1. Correction..His paycheck comes from the tax payers,, And everything he said was true!

  2. It was a relevant opinion and not singling out any specific Democratic Mayor. Just the ones that let the looting and destruction take place. If you personally knew Tracy Turner you would know he is a good and charitable person who does not have a racist bone in his body but loves and is concerned about his country.

  3. I hope he gets every penny in the law suit.

  4. Demoting him from Captain to a Firefighter is a little too strong. He could have been reprimanded and put on probation but why ruin his life's career over this. Come on Mayor, act like a human being and stop demeaning your employees...