Saturday, February 6, 2021

Keep the Nashville flag.

 by Rod Williams - I like our Nashville flag and see no reason to change it but there is a move afoot to do so. No bill to do so has been introduced yet but the idea is being floated by Councilman Colby 
Sledge.  He tweeted the following below tweets recently.  The first shows the proposed design and the second explains the symbolism of the design.

Our current flag is here: 

The seal shown in the center of the flag was adopted as the city seal as the first bill passed by the new Metropolitan Council in 1963 following the establishment of Metro government. It was bill 63-1.  The flag was adopted in December 1963. In an official ceremony, it was reigned in as the new flag on August 4, 1964, at the Metropolitan Courthouse. According to the resolution adopting the flag, the blue stands for the courage and conviction of the city's leaders throughout history, while the gold denotes the richness of city's land and resources.  

The seal displays a Native American holding a skull standing by a tobacco plant, an eagle, and a badge-

shaped shield decorated in a style similar to the American flag. The Native is said to be a representative of the "Woodland" culture contemplating the skull of a member of an earlier Native culture such as the Mound Builders. (link)

While the proposed flag is a nod to the political correctness of diversity and immigration and the civil rights movement, I assume those who favor the change, also find having a Native American on our flag holding a skull to be chauvinistic and embarrassing.  Just as the left loves to tear down monuments and even strip the name "Washington," and "Jefferson," from schools and place names, they want to destroy anything that honors and recalls our history.

Say no!  Keep our current Nashville flag! 

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