Monday, March 22, 2021

Dr. Carol M. Swain silenced by Facebook for 30 days.


by Rod Williams - Dr. Carol Swain, the eminent scholar, author, and political commentator, has been banned from Facebook for thirty days.  Not for some recent something she said that upset the Facebook censors but for something that upset the Facebook censors that she said back in 2019!

The trampling of free speech and silencing of dissenting voices is worse than I have ever seen it in America.  It is almost hard to believe what is happening.  It is not coming directly or maybe not even indirectly from government, where I always feared the threat to free expression would come.  The threat to our democracy is coming from illiberal liberals who want to silence any voice that is not theirs.  

It is demonstrated by the forcing of uniformity of thought on college campuses where free inquiry is a joke and only one point of view is tolerated. It is evident by visiting conservative speakers to colleges having their invitation to speak withdrawn because their presence might lead to campus unrest or if their speaking engagement is not withdrawn, them being shouted down when they do appear.  It is prevalent on social media where biased "fact checkers" ban or place warning on post that do not conform to the prevailing liberal interpretation of facts.  

It is demonstrated by a corporate world that is all in for Black Lives Matter and urges the consumer of their product to be less White.  And it is demonstrated by award shows that cannot avoid propagandist sermonizing and late night "comics" who are only funny if you are a liberal and whose guest all share the same political point of view. 

It is a revealed in a legacy media that is not much more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.  It is revealed as much by what they chose to not report or highlight as what they distort.  If Donald Trump or any elderly Republican president had stumbled three times while boarding Air Force One would the mainstream press pretend it didn't happen? 

If we had a Republican president and a record number of over 4,500 unaccompanied minors were currently being held in Border Patrol detention facilities and over 9,500 migrant children were being held in shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services, would that not be the leading story on CNN and headlines in the legacy press?

We are in an era where if you think there is a reason more Black men are in prison than White men and that reason is something other than critical race theory, then you are denounced as a White supremacist and maybe even guilty of "hate speech." 

Cancel culture, political correctness, group think, and liberal bullying may successfully silence conservatives. And, it won't stop there. New apostates will be found to silence.  While the tools to do it are not the same, we are witnessing the same mass phycology at play as during the Stalin purges, the Moa cultural revolution, the French revolution or the Salem witch hunts.

Not only are we witnessing the silencing of all but an approved point of view but we may also be witnessing what may lead to the radicalization of conservatives and a wave of right-wing populism that will make the Tea Party and the rise to Trumpism look like a Sunday afternoon tea party. At some point there will be pushback. 

I have had concern that the liberal thought police may silence my voice on Facebook and kill my blog, but dismissed that concern because I reasoned that I am too minor of an influencer to fool with.  I am small fry.  I am not so sure anymore. It appears they are digging deeper and deeper to squash any dissenting voice.  

Carol Swain, for now, can still be found on Twitter at this link.

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