Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Facebook Suspends Dr. Carol Swain - Bannon War Room Interview

by Rod Williams - While the left has embraced suppression of dissenting opinions, they seem to have an especially  vindictiveness toward Black conservatives.  To leave the liberal plantation is unforgiveable.  All Blacks are supposed to fall in line and support the liberal agenda.  While unfortunately most Blacks do vote Democrat, there is the appearance of cracks in the chains that hold them to the Democratic Party.  Many Blacks are pro-life, and at the local and state level in referendums they often oppose tax increases and big spending,  While "Defund the Police," is a rallying cry of White woke liberals, surveys and anecdotal evidence, show most Blacks want a greater police presence in their community, not less.  

The intolerance for Blacks who wander off the reservations seems especially acute for courageous, attractive, articulate, successful, intelligent black conservative woman. Black women seem even more of a threat to the liberal establishment than Black men for some reason. If the leftists can't control them, they go all out to silence them.    

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