Friday, May 28, 2021

Common Ground Nashville and the Nashville Alliance of Braver Angels picnic, June 27.

From Common Ground Nashville:

Mark your calendars: June 27 picnic. 

Common Ground Nashville has been discussing ways to collaborate with the Nashville Alliance of Braver Angels. In place of our June meeting, please join us for a picnic sponsored by the Alliance as a kick-off to a new year of programming! Families are invited! 

Edwin Warner Park Shelter 4,  Sunday, June 27 5pm.

Thank you, 
Beth and Catherine 

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Rod's Comment: I have only attended one session of Common Ground Nashville and that was on the topic of immigration. It was a civil discussion with people sharing diverse views and respectfully listening.  I would have attended other sessions on other topics but then the Covid-19 lockdowns occurred and in-person meetings were halted.  I just never could get into Zoom meetings, so did not attend any of those.  I plan to resume attending the meetings now that the lockdowns are over. I will probably attend this picnic.  

Unfortunately, I think Americans have become unnecessarily polarized.  Part of this is due to social media, no doubt, and also media outlets that are an echo chamber for what people already believe.  Also, extreme and angry personalities are more interesting and make better TV than calm, reasoned people. Bombastic, sarcastic, and angry sells more products. When liberals and conservatives can actually sit down and talk to each other, they may discover they are not as far apart on issues as they initially think they are.  And, if they don't find common ground, they may at least decide the people holding contrary views are simply wrong, instead of evil. 

Also, one is better informed on a topic if one knows what the other side is saying and thinking.  By talking to people on the other side, it may cause one to think deeper about an issue than what can be expressed in memes and bumper stickers. Also, if one's assertions may be challenged, one is more likely to be sure assertions are backed by facts.  

As I resume attending CGN, I would be nice to have other conservatives who are interested in polite, but not superficial, conversations taking part in the meetings.  Please give it a try and see what you think.

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