Sunday, May 30, 2021

Drama among Tennessee Democrats: Why the TN Democrat Party decertified the Madison County Democrat Party.

Accountability or hypocrisy: Why the TN Democratic Party decertified Madison County, what key members are saying 

by Lasherica Thornton, Jackson Sun, May 18, 2021 -A meeting meant to reorganize a local branch of a major political party ended with heated accusations of malfeasance; blatant disrespect during discussions; one woman trying to attack another, leading to police charges; and lingering questions about what led to the local party’s noncompliance – the reason the branch has been decertified

The Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) decertified the Madison County Democratic Party on March 25 for not complying with party bylaws and a TNDP grievance resolution to seat a man duly elected – a man former officers say used funds without authorization. 

All of the officers – the chair, vice chairs, secretary and the treasurer – were put on a two-year moratorium, prohibiting them from participating in Democratic Party activities. (Read more of this lengthy interesting story that will make you proud you are not a Democrat.)

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