Sunday, June 13, 2021

Congratulations Michelle Foreman on being elected Chairman of the TRA. Drama continues as losers allege a stolen election and theft of funds.

... allegation of a "stolen election?" (surprise, surprise).

The 2021 officers of the Tennessee Republican Assembly

by Rod Williams, 6/13/2021 - Republicans love circular firing squads. Sometimes it seems Republicans like fighting each other more than they like fighting Democrats.  It is not too surprising that an organization that thinks they are the only ones right would have dissension in their rank.  It seems the more certain a movement is that they have a monopoly on the truth, the more bitter the internal division.  The communist movement was young when they split between Leninist and Trotskyites. Fundamentalist churches often split or expel apostates. 

Michel Foreman was elected Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Assembly yesterday. That same day a Facebook page went up calling itself "TRA 2021 Leftists Coup." I am posting excerpts from that Facebook page below. This unbelievably nasty.  There are allegations of a stolen election, theft of funds, and other shenanigans.

Is it not interesting that the elected leaders of a group that prides itself on being to the right of the Republican Party are now being called "leftist?" Michelle Foreman, a leftist? I had no idea.  I got over being called "RINO," "liberal," and "neo-con" a long time ago.  I have been called "traitor," but I don't think I have earned the label "leftist."  Well, not yet.  Some of this is not only nasty but just juvenile. 

This makes me glad I was expelled from the organization years ago.  When recently I was invited to again become a member, I am glad I did not pursue it.  This is not the kind of organization with which I want to be associated. I wish Michelle the best but I don't know why she is taking on this fight.  If it were me, I would not bother. I would let TRA remain Sharon Ford's playpen and put my energies elsewhere. 

For more of this diatribe, follow this link. For more on this sordid affair, see my post, Drama at the Tennessee Republican Assembly. Michelle Foreman vs Dan Meredith for Chairman. To see reports from the official TRA Facebook page follow this link

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