Saturday, June 26, 2021

More drama at the Tennessee Republican Asssembly. Losing faction ask the National organization to intervene and reverse the election results.

by Rod Williams - The drama continues at the Tennesee Republican Assembly.  Recently there was an election of officers of the organization and Michelle Foreman was elected Chairman beating Dan Meridith who had the support of long-time chairman Sharon Ford.

Prior to the election, there were charges and counter charges between the two factions and allegations of malfeasance and all kinds of shenanigans.  I am not going to repeat it all again but if anyone wants to see an airing of the dirty laundry and get some background information, follow this link, this link, and this link. While I am not a member of the organization and don't have a dog in this fight, I favored Michelle Foreman and believed her side of the story.

I am still mystified at the passion displayed by both factions. Michelle Foreman has a lot going for her and potential for a bright political future.  I don't see that being Chairman of TRA enhances her prospects. Also, Michelle has a lot on her plate.  She just graduated law school and is studying for the bar, she is a nurse, wife and mother, and a member of the Tennesee Republican Party State Executive Committee. I would think she has better things to do.  If it were me, I would say just elect Sharon Ford chairman for life; I am out of here. 

Now, that the election is over, the faction that lost is claiming the election was stolen. That sounds familiar. 

If 50 people care enough to sign a letter asking the board of the parent organization to intervene in the affairs of a local organization, that is a lot of people who care.  That many activists could have a lot of impact on the local and state Republican Party.  It would seem to me they would direct that passion to something that matters. 

For those not familiar with TRA, the motto of the organization is, "The Republican wing of the Republican Party."  They think they are the only real Republicans and everyone else is a RINO or some other kind of apostate. Organizations that think they are the only ones right, can ofter fight their fellow ideologues with more passion than they fight members of the opposite camp. 

Here is a communication from the dissident faction of the organization that lost the recent election addressed to the parent organization asking for redress of grievances. 

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