Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Trump’s Ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls For Myanmar-Type Coup In U.S. He is a disgusting traitor! Flynn should be court-martialed.

by Rod Williams - At a rally in Dallas yesterday, retired General and former National Security advisor Michale Flynn called for a military coup. The video is above.  Please watch it.  There is no other interpretation of what happened. During Q&A an audience member asked Flynn why we could not have a coup in America like they had in Myanmar and Flynn answered, "No reason, it should happen here." 

This is the text:

Questioner: I want to know why what happened in Mynarmar can't happen here?

Flynn: No reason, it should happen here.

(Wild applause and cheering from the audiance) 

Flynn was the featured speaker at a four-day, “For God & Country Patriot Roundup” QAnon conference in Dallas Texas. Conspiracy theorist attorney Sydney Powell, was another featured speaker.  

This is not the first time Flynn has called for a military coup.  In my view, Flynn should be court-martialed.  I am disgusted with Flynn and Republicans who are supporting him.  I always thought the threat to American democracy would come from the left, but it looks like I was wrong.  The threat to our democracy is from right-wing nut jobs like General Flynn and Q-anon and assorted groups like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.  Unfortunately, it is just not the loony fringe we have to worry about but the Republicans who defend their actions and cheer them on.

 Now, Flynn is trying to deny he said what he said; watch the video for yourself.

Some Republican Trumpinistas are making excuses or justifying right-wing radicalism. One tactic is to say, "Well, what about BLM and Antifa and the insurrection, arson, and murders committed by left-wing activists last summer?"  That is no defense. I deplore left-wing insurrection.  That is a reason to call for law and order; not a justification for a military coup. 

Another tactic is to denounce the people reporting the story.  This story was first reported by The Huffington Post.  I admit the liberal bias of that publication but HP did not stage that video in a studio.  I run into this all of the time.  If I post anything from HP, CNN, Washington Post, the New York Times, or The Atlantic, I can expect a "Huffington Post?" or "Consider the source," comments.  I know some liberals are equally quick to dismiss any news coming from Fox, or The Washington Times, or Business Insider, or The Wall Street Journal.  I don't trust the analysis of liberal outlets but they don't just make up the news.  And just because liberals dismiss news from conservative news sources, are we to be equally as closed-minded?

While HP broke this story, now many other outlets have reported it.  If you don't trust HP, do a Google search and pick your news outlet.

I expect to be denounced for my position on this issue. Also, I will not be surprised if I am not informed, I am on the enemies list to be taken out when the Trumpinistas come to power.  I have received similar death threats in the past and I am just this little powerless blogger typing away on my laptop. Some, not all but some, of the Trumpinistas are dangerous nuts.

My friend Mark Rogers, a long-time Republican activist posted something similar to what I have just posted regarding General Flynn and has been raked over the coals.  To see the Facebook discussion generated by Mark Roger's comment, follow this link

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