Friday, August 6, 2021

Crybully Dems got their little feelings hurt and want Kevin McCarthy to apologize

by Rod Williams-  I wish I would have coined the term "crybully."  It perfectly suites what we witness as Dems play the victim card as a tactic to shut up their critics.  They are snowflakes and they use their status as sensitive and fragile as a cudgel to beat their opponents over the head. 

I was at the Stateman's dinner in Nashville last Saturday where House Minority Leader Keven McCarthy was the keynote speaker.  As expected, he detailed in his speech a litany of how Dems are mismanaging the country in every endeavor, from sitting us up for a financial crisis to the problem on the southern border.  He also spoke about the prospects for Republicans to retake the House in 2022 and stop this runaway train of destruction. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, he was honored by being given a large oversize gavel with the words "fire Pelosi" on it. He good-naturedly quipped that it would be "hard not to hit her" with it when he is sworn in as speaker. 

Well, Dems are having a little hissy fit. They are demanding an apology and saying, "threatening violence against the Speaker of the House is no joke.” And, “This is the kind of reckless language that led to a violent insurrection.”

In my view, Dems need to put on their big girl britches and grow up, and Republicans need to refuse to be intimidated by someone else's sensitivity.  We need to take the view that if someone else is easily offended, they are the ones with the problem; not we.  

I also think this is the approach one needs to take when encountering a progressive crybully snowflake in personal encounters.  When a close friend or a relative pulls this on you, the first impulse may be to conclude the relationship is not worth the effort.  You may want to distance yourself from the other person.  After all, it is no fun being around one who is so sensitive that you must walk on eggshells not to offend them.  

However, upon reflection, I think that is the wrong approach.  I think it may be best to realize that they may really be suffering real pain and really are that sensitive.  We should pity them and realize they have a problem.  Their sensitivity may be the result of being in lockdown for a year and a half and watching Rachel Maddow every night.  They may have other things going on in their life and they may even need help.

If the relationship is worth having, then one should make an effort to avoid antagonizing the other person.  I favor a certain amount of decorum, civility, and good manners.  However, there are limits to how sensitive one can be to the other's political sensitivity. If they find the mere existence of someone with your views intolerable, let them sever the relationship but if the relationship is worth having don't be overly sensitive to their sensitivity.  It may be best to be tolerant of their intolerance. Also, however, don't let the crybully manipulate you into submission. Don't be intimidated into not being yourself.  They have the problem, not you. 

While there are things that in my view are offensive or crude and should not be said, comments like that made by Kevin McCarty, said in a joking manner on Saturday, are not beyond the pale.  Do not apologize, Kevin.  Democrats have the problem not you.  They need to grow up!

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