Sunday, August 8, 2021

Majorie Taylor Green may be the best weapon Dems have to win the mid-term elections.

by Rod Williams- Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, the nut-job Q-anon conspiracy theorist Trumpinista from Georgia, is embarrassing conservatives, Republicans, and real patriots.  She is doing harm to the cause of derailing the progressive agenda.  She probably is even doing harm to those who might even want to advance the cause of Trump.  

She is giving sane Republicans and persuadable undecideds a reason to vote against Republicans running for Congress in 2022. If MTG is held up as what the modern Republican party represents, Republicans lose support.  She is the poster child for just how nutty are those Republicans.

I voted for Trump in 2020 so I don't think I qualify as a "never-Trumper" but I was a very reluctant Trump supporter and a Trump critic.  That was then, however, and this is now.  I am looking at the next election, not the last one. 

There is a good chance Republicans could retake the Senate in 2022. Republicans only need to take one seat to regain the Senate majority. In November 2022, 34 states will hold Senate elections. Republicans will be defending 20 seats and Dems will be defending 14.  However, decades of experience show that the party in power loses seats in an off-year election.  We could retake the Senate.

Winning the House even looks like better odds than winning the Senate. This is what The Hill has to say:
The current makeup of the House is 220 Democrats to 212 Republicans, with 3 vacancies. If the vacant seats are retained by each party, the Democrats will have a 222-213 advantage. Since World War II, incumbent presidents have had a nearly unbroken record of their party losing seats in the House. Only in 2002, with President Bush at 63 percent approval and the country heading to war, did the incumbent party gain seats (plus 8). In 1962, Democrats lost a mere 4 seats in the wake of President Kennedy’s successful handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis (successful at the time). Retaining the House will be nearly impossible for Democrats

The hope the Democrats have to hold onto legislative power is to make the election a referendum on Trump and to show that Republican candidates are Trump surrogates.   To do that they need to persuade voters that a vote for a Republican Senate or House candidate is a vote for Trump.  So, they need to tie all Republican candidates to Trump and they will also wave the bloody shirt of January 6th to paint Republicans as insurrectionists. 

Most Republican candidates  I think, however, will be able to avoid making this about Trump and January 6th, 2020, and instead can make this election about Democrat policies and the future. The outcome of the midterms will be based in larger part on President Joe Biden's job approval rating at the time and how voters view his agenda, not on the past or Trump's continuing influence on the Republican party.  Rising crime, retuning inflation, and the Biden-caused crisis on the southern border will be more important than something provocative Trump might say or who said something supportive of Trump two years prior.  While what Trump says or does not say may matter to some Republican primary voters, I don't think by election time 2022, previously wavering Republican general election voters, independents, and persuadable Democrat general election voters will care.  Those who will care were never in play anyway. 

But what could persuade the persuadable to vote against Republicans is an example that shows the Republicans really are dangerous nut-jobs. Marjorie Taylor Green is the proof  Democrats need. She is their Exhibit A. MTG is a gift to the Democrats and a threat to a Republican victory.  

For those who get as many Republican fundraising appeals as I do, you may have already seen this.  If not, I am posting this as Exhibit A as that which will cause Republicans to lose the mid-term election.

Please reject the appeal of MTG.  We have real policy differences with Democrats.  There are real battles to fight.  I kind of think the mask mandate for a Congress that is almost all vaccinated is just silly.  However, it is not worth filing a lawsuit over. 

Please, fellow Republicans, don't snatch defeat from the jaws of mid-term victory by supporting the embarrassing counter-productive antics of Majorie Taylor Green.  There are many, many causes and candidates that need your financial support.  Please don't fund this silly lawsuit and a war chest for nut-job Q-anon supporter MTG.  

Below is Exhibit A:

Fellow Patriot – Haven’t you had enough of the lockdowns, the authoritarian mask mandates and “vaccine passports”? Haven’t you had it with Democrat hypocrites? I sure have. That’s why I just filed a federal lawsuit challenging Nancy Pelosi’s House mask mandate and fines on Constitutional grounds.


Can I count on you to chip in a donation to help me hold Nancy Pelosi accountable? 
Of course, the mask mandates and authoritarian measures were never really about COVID-19. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about COVID-19. All she cares about is RAW political power. And the mask mandate is just one way Nancy Pelosi is using her political power to try to control people.

Enough is enough. If you agree, then please chip in a donation to help me hold Nancy Pelosi accountable in the court of law. I’m one of the few Members of Congress standing up for our rights against the total assault from Joe Biden and the socialist Democrats. 

But I’m not just playing defense. I’m also taking the fight directly to Nancy Pelosi by launching a federal lawsuit against her unConstitutional House mask mandate. But I need your support to help make sure we have the resources it takes to press forward with my federal lawsuit and HOLD NANCY PELOSI ACCOUNTABLE! 

So please step up and chip in a donation of whatever you can to fund our lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

Yours in the Fight, -- Marjorie Taylor Greene Congresswoman (R-GA)

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