Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amy Frogge steps up her attack on charter schools: They "opeate like vultures," "shodowy motives"

by Joey Garrison, The Tennessean, April 22 - The Metro school board's fiercest charter school critic called for an "end game" on what future Nashville charters should look like during a blunt speech Tuesday that made accusations of profiteering and corporate interference.

Board member Amy Frogge, calling for Metro to hit the "pause button" to think strategically on charters, used strongly worded closing remarks at Tuesday's board meeting to argue the district has gotten away from "early visionaries" who saw charters as simply labs of innovation.

"Many charter schools today have become something very different as corporations, not educators, are increasingly involved in setting their directions," she said. "Charter schools have become competitors with traditional schools for funding and for students. (link)

My Comment: I hope a qualified candidate runs against Amy Frogge next school board election. She needs to go! Here vitriolic attacks and relentless campaign against charter schools is unacceptable. Charter schools are outperforming traditional schools and people like Amy Frogge just can not stand it. They want to protect mediocrity and hate the competition that shows just how poorly regular public schools perform.

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Corker: Obama Administration Makes “Every Excuse Imaginable” to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), ranking member of the Senate

Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s announcement that it will delay again its decision on the Keystone XL pipeline:

It’s amazing to watch this administration make every excuse imaginable to delay a project that is unquestionably a win for our country, our economy and American workers. After more than five years of environmental reviews, it’s clear the president would rather avoid a tough political decision than create thousands of private sector jobs and enhance our country’s energy security, all while providing a safer and more environmentally friendly method of transporting oil.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tim Scott assured to win in South Carolina! He does not need your money.

Tim Scott
Senator Tim Scott
With elections taking place this fall, there is no shortage of appeals for money to support PACs, the Party, subsets of the Party, and individual candidates. One can't support them all. I am a person of modest means but I try to support candidates and causes I believe in.  However,  I want to put my money where it will have an impact.  I don't want to give money to a candidate who already has a war chest that is ten times that of only token opposition.  Also, I do not want to give money to a candidate that I know is going to lose.  Much of my giving is to local and State candidates for office but I do give some to the State and national Party and some PACs and, here and there, to other candidates.

Tim Scott was one of those candidates I was going to support with a financial contribution. I want to see Scott win. He is a fiscal and social conservative, smart and articulate and he is Black. With attractive Black candidates, the Republican Party may be able to break the lock Democrats have on the Black vote.  Scott also has the support of tea party groups.  Having a Black candidate supported by tea party groups undermines the Democrat narrative that the tea party is racist.  Democrats have been vicious in denouncing Scott. The NAACP said he was a ventriloquist dummy for Republicans. Democrats really like Black people as long as they stay on the liberal plantation, but let them stray and think for themselves and Democrats get really nasty.

Today I received a solicitation from a PAC called  Patriots for Economic Freedom asking for a contribution to help the Scott campaign. I was doing some research to determine if I should support this PAC or give to the Scott candidacy directly or through another PAC, when I discovered his campaign doesn't need any money. Scott is assured to win and does not need my contribution. This blog post is much different than what I intended to write. I was going to say, I had contributed to the Scott campaign and was going to ask readers to contribute to this important campaign. Don't. Spend your money elsewhere where it will make a difference.

Tim Scott  is the junior United States Senator for South Carolina. He became a senator in 2013 after South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley named him to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jim DeMint. Prior to his appointment to the Senate, he served in the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013, being the first Republican African-American Representative from South Carolina since 1897.  Prior to that he served one term in the South Carolina General Assembly and prior to that he served as a Council Member on the Charleston County Council from 1996 to 2008. Scott will be on the ballot this November in a special election to complete the Demint term to which he was appointed.

Scott is one of only two African-American members of the United States Senate, the first African-American senator from the state of South Carolina, and the first from the South since 1881. Scott has only token opposition in the Republican primary and looks in good shape to win the election in November.  His primary Democrat opponent was Rick Wade, a former Barack Obama official. Wade had served in staff positions in several Democrat gubernatorial administration, was a big Obama supporter and had been rewarded for his support of Obama by being given a position in the Commerce Department.  Wade was considered the strongest potential challenger to Scott. He had filed to run three months earlier, but withdrew last month saying there was not time to raise sufficient money to mount a credible campaign against Scott.  This leaves only long-shot Democratic candidate Joyce Dickerson, a Richland County councilwoman as a Democratic opponent of Scott. The Tim Scott race is over before it even began and I could not be more pleased.

The lesson to take away from this is that those of us who contribute to campaigns need to be cautions about who we support. Those who contributed early probably helped ensure that Wade dropped out and that no serious challenger remains in the race. That was money well spend. A big war chest can scare off potential opponents.   To give at this point however is pointless.  An unknown county councilman with no statewide name recognition and little money is not going to defeat Tim Scott.

There are a lot of organizations raising money.  Often the money is used to support the organization and give them clout.  I am glad I did not click on that "contribute" button on the Patriots for Economic Freedom solicitation.

Read more here:

Last year Scott was key note speaker at the Tennessee  Republican Party's annual fundraising dinner in Nashville. He gives a great speech. He is motivational and rousing.  He may have the potential to be a presidential candidate some day or certainly a vice presidential candidate. I also saw him speak at CPAC this year. Below is a portion of his CPAC speech:

former Barack Obama official Rick Wade has officially dropped out of the race
former Barack Obama official Rick Wade has officially dropped out of the race

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Special Campaign Event for Len Silverman, May 15th

Save the Date! 
Special Campaign Event for 
Len Silverman 
Republican Candidate for State Representative, 45th District 
When: Thursday, May 15th at 6:30pm 
Where: Hazel Path 105 Hazel Path, Hendersonville 
Featuring Music by Conner Broome
This will be a great opportunity to hear Len speak about the critical issues facing our district and our state.
Sponsorships are still available: $1000+ (Diamond) $500+ (Platinum) $250+ (Gold)
 Contact me via email if you are interested in being a sponsor:

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tim Skow at center of much to do about nothing.

Tim Skow
Tim Skow, political activist and organizer of First Tuesday, organized a fund raiser for Republican candidate Troy Brewer who is seeking the house seat now occupied by Bo Mitchell, and The Tennessean alleges that Skow encouraged contributors to contribute through the political action committee Leaders of Tennessee to avoid disclosure. Tony Brewer is the treasurer of Leaders of Tennessee and received a contribution from that organization. That is not illegal. To read all about it follow this link.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Reposted from TN Eagle Forum:

SB 1602 by *Bell , Gresham, Stevens, Yager, Johnson, Tracy, Hensley, Crowe, Tate, Ketron, Campfield, Haile
HB 2249 by *Casada , Womick, Butt, Dunn, Sargent, White D, Matheny, Evans, Brooks K, Weaver, Rogers, Sparks, Goins, Coley, Ragan, Moody, Holt, Bailey, Hall, Eldridge, Faison

As introduced, restructures the textbook commission and the textbook selection process
As amended, SB1602, passed the Senate on March 17, 27-3; HB2249 passed the House on April 16, 73-15. The problem was that the two versions were different -- the main sticking point being who appoints the members of the Commission.  The Senate bill required 3-3-3 (the Governor appointing three, each speaker appointing three); the House bill required 5-2-2 (the Governor appointing five, each speaker appointing two).  The bill was sent to a Conference Committee to come to agreement, which, thankfully, was the 3-3-3 provision. You can read the Conference Committee Report HERE.  The Report was adopted in the Senate 29-3-1; in the House 75-20. Folks, please understand, this is HISTORY Making legislation and a HUGE 'thank you' goes out to all those to read the textbooks, testified in the various committees, and who contacted their lawmakers urging them to make these much needed changes!!! Deep appreciation also to Sen. Bell and  Rep. Casada for their sponsorship of this legislation and to Sen. Gresham, for holding the hearings in the fall about the entire Textbook Commission debacle and review process.
My Comment:  There was a lot of very good legislation passed this year. It matters who governs. There was also some embarrassingly bad legislation proposed but it was so amended to not be objectionable by the time it passed or it failed to pass.  The system usually works pretty well and not a lot of really dumb stuff passes. 

Among the bills I am most pleased to see pass this year is this one.  In the past, our text book selection process has been a joke. In committee hearings last year, members of the text book selection committee admitted they were unable to read the text books they were charged with selecting. Time and structure of the committee simply made it impossible.

I admit  that some of the activist who helped mobilize this effort to change the text book selection process, are people whose judgement I would not trust in critiquing text books. Also, I am sure that under this new law, many text books will be objected to because they present global warming as science, or present evolution as a fact without offering the "intelligent design" alternative theory, or that mention the historical fact that during the Middle Ages Jews were treated better under Islamic rule than in western Christian kingdoms.

Also, however, I expect that textbooks can not get away with presenting Mao Zedong as a great unifier and reformer of China without mentioning the madness of the great leap forward, land reform, and the cultural revolution and Mao's responsibility for the death of 77 million people or more. Neither can Castro be presented as a folk hero reformer. I expect a textbooks that in tone is critical of free markets and capitalism and praises big government solutions to social problems will be tagged for bias. I expect that a text book that presents native Americans prior to the arrival of Columbus as a gentle people living in harmony with nature and one another in a bucolic existence to be tagged. What about the ritual continuous human sacrifice of the Aztec who ripped the beating heart out of their victims? That ought to be in the text books about native Americans for a balanced view.

This new bill may profoundly change text books. Text books are written, for the most part, by full-time academics and academia is dominated by people with a liberal to leftist bias. They should not be allowed to pass their left-wing bias on to our children. Education is too important to be left up to educators. Society needs to have input into what pubic schools teach.

For this new law to have impact however, responsible sensible educated conservatives must get active in reviewing text books. A lot of parents and other citizens must be reviewing the text books, writing convincing rational reviews of the books, passing that on to the members of the text book commission and asking them to not approve the books found to be objectionable. If the only criticism is coming from persons with an outlier minority view of scientific issues, Christian Zionist, and right wing crack pots, then the critics will be marginalized and not much will change. People who are conservative, but not crack pots, must get involved.  If that does not happen, the new commission will ignore the crack pot critics, and approve books as presented and not much will change.

If I get tired of blogging, my next contribution to the conservative cause may be as a citizen text book reviewer. I think I could enjoy that. There are a lot of educated, retired people with a lot to offer, but who spend their time in idleness or sit on the sidelines watching others influence events and complain.  This change in the textbook law has opened the door for many people who want to have an impact, to do so. I hope they step up to the plate and do not let this opportunity slip away.

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