Friday, April 10, 2009

RNC Chairman Steele Denied

Not Wanted to Speak at Chicago Tea Party
Don'tGo Movement, April 9, 2009

A few days ago Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele asked to speak at the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party. He was thanked for finally reaching out to the movement but denied to speak.

National Communications Director Juliana Johnson states, "Steele hasn't shown any interest in this movement until now, until the cameras are rolling. We denied his invitation. In addition, this is a nonpartisan event, not an RNC event.

"Eric Odom, Director of the DontGo Movement, said in his letter to Steele's people, "...We're still excited to know that Chairman Steele will be in Chicago and we hope, after knowing that he'll be in the city, that he'll stop by and mingle with the Americans who will be rallying on April 15th. This will also present a fantastic time for Chairman Steele to LISTEN to what we have to say and perhaps gather some thoughts on what the RNC needs to be doing moving forward."

Please go to to read the full letter.

DontGo Movement will be protesting, along with many other organizations, the fact that government intrusion doesn't work. "A la the 1773 Boston Tea Party, we're fed up with the taxation and the government takeover brought on with the Stimulus Bill and the numerous other bailouts. There's only one proven way to create jobs and that is by cutting income taxes and wasteful spending" said Odom.

Tax Day Tea Parties will be taking place in hundreds of cities throughout America on April 15th and they are expecting a turnout of over 500,000 people. The original batch of Tea Parties, put together in only a few days, occurred in hundreds of cities with tens of thousands of people coming out in support. The main sponsors of the Tea Parties are the DontGo Movement, Smart Girl Politics, and Top Conservatives on Twitter.

For more information on the Tax Day Tea Parties, please go to


What in the hell is wrong with these people!
This is no way to build a movement! I think we should welcome the participation of Michael Steel or any other prominent person who believes that the Obama administration's massive spending program is a misguided policy. Just because Steele did not jump in early is no reason to turn him away. Keeping the movement restricted to the holier than thou and shunning the chairman of the Republican Party is just stupid. We need a broad coalition.

Ms Johnson, if you did not want him to speak, why did you not privately make a polite excuse and decline his offer? Why issue a press release? Why go out of your way to be insulting? Is this about you or the cause?

I think we should have the attitude that if you agree with us, jump on the bandwagon. I am taking the day off from work to attend the Nashville Tea Party. Two or our prominent speakers are local conservative talk show host. I have on occasion disagreed with some of their positions on certain issues and their occasional over-the-top bombastic rhetoric, but I still think they should be speakers at this event. However, I think the Tea Parties should also have more moderate voices as long as they agreed with the goals of this movement. You do not grow a movement by excluding and insulting people who agree with you. That is narrow-minded and petty. I won't be making any contributions to Don't Go but I will be participating in the Tea Party. This grassroots movement is bigger than Don't Go.

Ms Johnson, please stop acting like an egotistical, petty, jerk and apologize and welcome Mr. Steele's participation.

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