Friday, July 10, 2009

A Great Ford Commercial

Since GM is now Government Motors, I want to do my small part to level the playing field and promote Ford. It is difficult for a private company to compete against a government entity or government sponsored company. Please don't buy a Government Motors product. Buy a foreign car or buy a Ford. Plus, this is a great commercial.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I watched that clip 4 times, it was great.
    I bought my first Ford back in 1979 and they are all I have ever owned.
    Hey, they have the best built truck for what, 32 years ?

  3. Great ad! We have a Taurus, a Focus and a Fusion! We are a Ford family and proud of it!

  4. My first Ford was a bright red Granada. Ah, halcyon days.

  5. Here, here ! I'm feeling for Ford ... it is REAL hard to compete against a company that has received billions in aid. Don't really know how "fair" that is, but I guess that is probably the last thing on the governments mind ...

    My first car was a 1950 Chevy truck. Never did get it running very good, so I switched over to a 1971 Ford Mustang El Grande. Wish I still had that car ....