Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fringe faction of the Democratic Party behind the Obama=Hitler signs

Hitler Obama

I find those Obama=Hitler signs and swastikas to be in poor taste. The mainstream media has been vigilant in publicizing these incidents where someone carries a sign of Obama with a Hitler mustache or someone carries a swastika with a “no” slash mark across it.

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and numerous political pundits are on a campaign to paint all citizens who are opposing Obama’s plan to nationalize health care as extremist. We who exercise our right to publicly disagree with the President are depicted as mobsters, members of the right-wing fringe, and tools of the special interest. The Hitler=Obama signs gives them ammunition to marginalize and paint all of us as the nut fringe.

It does seem strange that the same people who are so outraged about the pictures that show President Obama with a Hitler mustache did not seem outraged when President Bush was routinely compared to Hitler. I, however, have come to expect selective outrage and a double standard from the left. Those who appaud students who shout down conservative speakers on campus think we should all speak one at a time in a soft voice at a town hall meeting. I got over expecting consistency, balance, and fairness from the mainstream press and liberal activist and pundits a long time ago. I personally know liberals who are decent, fair-minded people, but it seems the liberal leadership, the mainstream press and liberal pundits and activist have no shame or sense of fair play.

Who is behind the Obama=Hitler signs? No doubt, there has been the occasional overzealous non-affiliated citizen who has made the comparison, but the evidence is overwhelming that the bulk of the Hitler=Obama comparisons is the work of a fringe faction of the Democratic Party. The mainstream media has reported this fact (link) but for the most part has downplayed it. They prefer to paint those carrying the Hitler/Obama signs as representative of the citizens showing up at town hall meetings to protest ObamaCare. It suits their agenda to do so. The responsible party for the Hitler/Obama comparison is open about who they are but Obama’s protectors in the mainstream media are downplaying the roll of the guilty party.

The faction behind the Obama=Hitler campaign are followers of Lyndon LaRouche. Lyndon LaRouche is a registered Democrat and has run in Democratic primaries for the Democratic Presidential nominee seven times and once he ran for President of the United States as the candidate of the U. S. Labor Party. He is one weird dude. In his youth he was a member of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party and in the 60’s he was active in the left-wing radical and anti-war movement including Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). He spent a period in prison for tax evasion and mail fraud and has a cult-like following. He has had a movement that has attracted followers and has networked with radicals in Germany, Russia and Latin America. Despite being down right weird, he is by all reports an intellect and is highly educated. He is a fascinating character. Despite his long history of left wing activism, that places him to the left of Stalin, he has sometimes taken positions that are out of charter for an orthodox leftist and has sometimes been accused of anti-Semitism and he subscribes to some strange conspiracy theories.

Hitler ObamaThis sign has been showing up at town hall meetings and clearly carries the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee name on it. You can go to the Lyndon Larouche website (link) and see if for yourself.

To listen to the smear tactics coming from people like Rachel Maddow, you would think these signs were the work of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, when in fact they are the work of a registered Democrat with a long history of ties to communist and leftist causes.

To read more about Lyndon LaRouche see Wikipedia. To read more on the roll of the LaRouche Obama=Hitler campaign see: Obama as Hitler exposed as a leftist plant and Lyndon LaRouche and the Hitler Meme.

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  1. Obama sure look good with this mustache on, haha

  2. I don't believe all Republicans speak as a block, just like all Democrats.