Sunday, August 2, 2009

One conservative's call to end the so-called 'Birthers' movement

Keyes and Birthers, Buckley and Birchers, Oh My!

By Bill Pascoe, CQ Guest Columnist, CQ TODAY ONLINE NEWS, July 28, 2009 – 1:29 p.m.

“Dear Birthers: Stop! Sincerely, Serious Conservatives.”

I’ve held fire for the last several months as I’ve watched the so-called “Birther” movement gain steam. At first it was amusing, like playing a drinking game — you know, like taking a shot every time Chris Matthews explains why he insists on pronouncing the former Vice President’s name “CHEE-knee.”

It’s not amusing anymore.

As one of the GOP operatives whose job it was to defeat Barack Obama in a campaign for federal office (there have only been three GOP campaigns run against him, and I’ve been involved with two of them), I can attest to the fact that nowhere in our opposition research did we find any reason to believe that the man was not a natural born citizen of the United States. (
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Bill Pascoe is CEO of The Foundation for American Freedom, a conservative think tank headquartered in Alexandria, Va. and writes the ”In the Right” blog at

Comment: I am pleased to see responsible conservatives denounce the birther movement. Please read this article. Pascoe explains that what is happening today is reminiscent of 1962 when serious conservative had to take a stand against the lunatic fringe at that time. Pascoe recalls those days and explains why reasonable and responsible conservatives must deal with the birther problem in the same manner. As I similarly said in a post yesterday, this issue is a gift to the Democrats. It is diverting attention from serious issues and making our side look ridiculous.

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  1. As far as conspiracy theories go, this is one I'm passively interested in, if for no other reason than amusement value. I think it would be interesting if there was an eventual presidential impeachment based on something like a Kenyan birth certificate.

  2. I don't think it's fair to label anyone that is not 100% sure Obama is a Natural Born Citizen part of the "lunatic fringe" there is no real way for us to know for sure and it is logical to be suspicious. There should be a more transparent government certification process before people run for office so there won't be issues like this in the future.