Monday, April 26, 2010

Patrick Miranda, Republican Seeking 5th Congressional District Seat

The following questionnaire has been submitted to each candidate running in the Republican primary seeking the nomination for Republican candidate for Tennessee's 5th Congressional District. This seat is now held by Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper. Whoever wins the primary on August 5 will most likely face Cooper in November.

Where are you from, what to you do for a living, what is your educational background, your political experience?

I am a native Nashvillian. I attended Overbrook School and Montgomery Bell Academy. I graduated from St. Louis University with a BA in both political science and history with a minor in Spanish. I am the oldest of three siblings (all business owners) and the son of two physicians (Oncologists), one of whom fled his country, Chile, due to socialist rule and became an American citizen in 1986. My mother was the first female physician in her medical fraternity.

My wife, Meliah, and I have been married for two years and we live in Nashville with our children (one who has special needs).
I run my own business with my wife; we invest in real estate markets across the country. My previous employment consisted of serving as the Director of Development for the Dominican Campus and as a District Executive with the Boy Scouts of America (focusing on minority recruiting for the BSA).

I have been very active in politics since high school. I interned for then US Senator Bill Frist. I was a member of the Missouri Federation of College Republicans, a member of the St. Louis University Young Republicans. I wrote as the lone Conservative columnist for our University newspaper and was asked to become a member of the Eagle Forum.

I have worked on numerous campaigns including former Attorney General John Ashcroft, Sen. Bill Frist, Rep. Ed Bryant, Councilman Karen Bennett and Juan Borges (just to name a few). I am currently a lifetime member of the NRA, I am one of the few candidates with a carry permit, I am a member of the Tea Parties, of the Eagle Forum and of Tennessee Right to Life (just to name a few).

Why are you running for this office:

Out of a sense of duty and obligation to my family and to my fellow Americans. Our politicians, Jim Cooper included, REFUSE to listen to the will of the American people. They have been called to serve "We the People" yet they only serve their special interests and their parties. I am running for office because I fear for the future of my parents and of my children (not to mention my generation). We have a Congress that is out of control...they spend way beyond their means and then punish the American people with rules and regulations designed in increase Congressional power, while limiting economic and personal freedoms of the American people.

I am running to protect my children from the massive debts that they will owe to the federal government, and to protect my parents from having their medicare payments cut further and for having some bureaucrat decide whether or not they deserve medical care. Bottom line, I am running because I have the solutions to STOP this government in its tracks, to reign in the spending and to actually REPRESENT the interests of my constituents.

What do you see as the primary issue is this race?

There are many, but government accountability is the main issue. As I mentioned before, we have an out of control Congress that spends money we don't have, and, when we the people complain, the politicians merely hide behind veiled rhetoric and vote AGAINST the will of the people. We need a candidate who is unafraid to fight these politicians and one who will NOT hide behind closed doors. I am that candidate.

If you are successful in wining the Republican nomination and you are successful in defeating Jim Cooper, when serving in the US Congress what issue will be your primary focus? What will be your priorities?

My primary focus will be to rein in and STOP excessive government spending. There are four issues that will be my primary focus (in order based on presentation of legislation): spending/the deficit, Health Care reform, Immigration Reform and Cap and Trade. My priorities will be to stop the spending, to fight to overturn this health care bill, to SHRINK our Federal Government, and then to do what is necessary to restore Americans faith in their government/politicians.

When I make my decision who I will vote for for this office, not only do I want to vote for someone who has solid conservative values and who I think would make a good Congressman, but I want to vote for someone who I think can beat Jim Cooper. Best person and electability may not necessarily be the same thing. I have heard that it will take anywhere from $500,000 to $2 million dollars to mount a successful campaign. Do you have the support, the time and resources to conduct a wining campaign?

Yes, we have the support, the team, the resources and the time to win. I am also a new breed of Republican...I like to say that I am the Marco Rubio of the 5th District (young, electable and someone who has the resources to win in Davidson County). Keep your ears open for major announcements coming up in the near future.

If one wants to know more about your campaign or contact you how to they do that?

If you would like to join the growing number of Team Miranda, please feel free to contact me at I will respond to you as quickly as possible. I need your support; we can't defeat Cooper without your help, and I would be humbled by any support my fellow Patriots can give this campaign. Thank you all again!

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  1. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! A candidate who bends the truth and lies, just like the other politicians, that this candidate claims to be different from. Patrick Miranda was not head of the development for the Dominican Campus but for Overbrook School (one of the three schools on that campus.

    I have a question for you to investigate. He mentions children yet has been married for 2 years. Twins? Children born right after another? Children born out of wedlock? Just curious

  2. You seem so passionate Patrick and enthusiastic about all that you do. You mention that your wife and you run your own business as well as your siblings. What is your business called? I want to learn more about you. I hope that you update your website soon with the rest of the QandA townhall and have more meet and greets soon. Good luck!