Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are Republicans Stepping on a Land Mine?

by by Mona Charen

[Excerpt] a 2006 survey by Latino Coalition found that 34.2 percent of Hispanic voters considered themselves conservative, while only 25.8 called themselves liberals. More than 53 percent agreed that it was more important for Hispanics to become integrated into American society than to preserve their native cultures. Offered a choice between higher taxes and more government spending or lower taxes and less government spending, 61.2 percent favored the latter. Moreover, like other Americans, Hispanics tend to vote more Republican as they age.

[Excerpt] Republicans who favor strong measures to limit illegal immigration should not sacrifice their principles to truckle for votes. But neither should they blindly blunder into a political wilderness for lack of finesse. (link)

Republicans would be wise to heed the advice of Mona Charin. By 2042 white Americans will be in the minority in this country. The Republican Party can not be a viable party and be the party of only white people.

Republicans have already lost the Black vote. Despite the fact that it was Democrats who stood in the school doors and blocked integration and it was Republican votes in Congress that passed the important civil rights legislation, Republicans get almost no Black votes. Having gone door to door campaigning for election in Black communities, I know that many Blacks are conservative, especially on taxes, on social issues, and eminent domain. On simple ideology, there is no reason Republicans should not be able to compete for black votes. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, we can’t.

Republicans had better be careful or we will permanently alienate the Hispanic vote. In 2004, Bush got 40% of the Hispanic vote. Now, it looks like we are determined to throw that away. If our anti-illegal immigrant position gets translated as hostility to people of Hispanic heritage and disregard for the rights of Hispanic citizens we will drive Hispanic voters into the arms of the Democrats and they may stay there.

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  1. In case the people who keep reporting this don't remember history as well as African-Americans do, let me explain. The Democrats who fought against the civil rights bill then changed their party to Republican. Remember such loyal Democrats as Strom? the Democrats who stayed in the party said they had been wrong.Such as Byrd. The person who pushed it through was Johnson, a Democrat.