Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beth Campbell for the Republican State Executive Committee Committeewoman for District 21

Beth CampbellKeep Beth Campbell, Committeewoman District 21

Beth is a hardworking common sense conservative.

For a little over the past year, I have been a volunteer with the Party and have helped organize the Republican clubs across the county which have hosted the "Egg and Bacon summits." In this position, I have gotten to know the Chairman of the Party and many members of the Executive Committee. These people work hard to promote the Party's interest and it is often a thankless job. They are all volunteers and serve without pay in a job that brings little recognition.

I have probably worked closer with Beth Campbell than anyone else in the Party. No one in the Party works harder than Beth Campbell. Beth is energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking, tireless and effective. Beth knows everyone and seems to have friends in the camps of all of the gubernatorial candidates and in all the offices of our elected Republican office holders and knows who's who in Republican circles across the state. Beth knows how to get things done. Beth is diplomatic, is a peace-maker and a voice of calm in a time of crisis.

I admire and respect Beth's opponent, and think she would make a find candidate for Metro Council or some other elected position and hope she seeks another position at some point in the future. However, it would be a shame to replace someone as effective as Beth Campbell on the Executive Committee. Beth deserves to be re-elected.

What is the SEC?

The Republican State Executive Committee is made up of 66 members. Voters elect a male and female from each State Senate District who will serve a 4-year term. These SEC members are the primary board of the Tennessee Republican Party. The duties of this board are to elect a Chairman and set the budget for the Tennessee Republican Party. All members serve on various committees within the TRP.

Political Activities

* SEC Committeewoman District 21 - 2006 to present
* Member – TRP Candidate Recruitment Committee
* Tennessee Victory '08 - Volunteer office manager
* Woman for McCain Palin, Middle TN Chair 2008
* Bush/Cheney 04 – TN County Coordinator
* Member – Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee
* Member – Nashville Republican Women


* Member- Covenant Presbyterian Church
* Family – Husband, Bill Campbell, retired Headmaster

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  1. I believe that it is not only an unpaid position but that to continue to hold it one must donate to TNGOP and thus holding the position costs the individual something.

  2. There are some members of the SEC that don't contribute to the TRP even though it's in the Bylaws to be a member of the Capitol Club. My opponent in the 15th Senatorial District is not a member. Folks like Beth need to be rewarded for their hard work. Members that don't do anything need to be replaced by someone that will.

    Alan Rader
    Candidate for State Executive Committee
    15th Senatorial District