Friday, August 6, 2010

Congratulation David Hall!

David Hall won the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional Distinct seat! I am speechless. I didn't see it coming. David Hall told us he was going to win and I didn't believe it.

Congratulations David. I hope you can go on and beat Jim Cooper.

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  1. I'm afraid David Hall had some help from some Democrats who don't have his best interest at heart. See, they'll be voting for Cooper in November. Heart-breaking, really.

  2. Basically, the Dems had no one to vote for on their side for Governor, so they voted on the Republican side for Haslam and then just went down the ticket, my best guess, and voted for whoever was at the top in the other races, so Mr. Hall got a "green" advantage there.
    But the way it is going right now, with Mr. Hall flying under the radar, so to speak, does not speak well for the GOP this fall. Sorry to say it, but looks like Mr. Cooper will be there for at least two more years