Saturday, August 14, 2010

David Hall at the Madison Breakfast Club

David Hall
David Hall (center) Republican nominee for the 5th Congressional District, is flanked by his former Republican primary opponents (from left to right), Tracy Tarum, Bob Schwartz, Lonnie Spivak and Bob Ries.

This morning David Hall was the special guest of the Madison Breakfast Club, where he was joined by five of his former primary opponents, Tracy Tarum, Bob Schwartz, Lonnie Spivak, Bob Ries and V.J. Kumar.

Bob Schwartz said he was more enthusiastic and optimistic now than when he started his campaign. "We have selected a rock solid conservative in David Hall," said Swartz, " a man of the people, a smart business man, and David Hall is going to be a proud standard-bearer for us."

"My goal (in my campaign) was to make sure that we had the strongest conservative come out of this race to take on Jim Cooper and I believe that candidate today is David Hall," said Lonnie Spivak.

Each former candidate reflected on his own campaign and congratulated David and pledged to do all he could to help elect David Hall and defeat Jim Cooper. When Hall spoke he praised all of his former opponents and thanked them for their support.

Hall was warmly received by the approximately thirty-five people attending the breakfast. Hall spoke for about twenty minutes and took questions for another fifteen minutes.

During the primary campaign, Hall had been criticized by me and others for his failure to engage in debates and for his absence from Republican functions. Many Republican activist were surprised by his victory. Hall acknowledged that many people did not know who he was and he explained his campaign strategy and how he won the primary. He said he spent six weeks studying the district before he began campaigning. He said he did in-depth voter analysis and identified 15,000 likely voters and targeting those 15,000 and concentrated on getting their support.

"We wore them out. That is all we focused on, those 15,000 people," said Hall. "If you didn't fit that criteria you probably didn't hear a lot form us but we knew election day that if we had between 11,000 and 15,000 we would win. And, come election day we had right at 12,000.”

Hall said he knows that this strategy left a lot of people out but he said in the general election he was leaving no one out.

David stressed the importance of this election and said it is time to get our country back on a sound financial footing. He also said our culture is under attack and we must return our nation to the principles upon which it was founded. Hall said defunding the Health care bill would be his first priority so it can be stopped until it can be permanently overturned. He said we must stop spending more than we bring in and he said he would support a defense of marriage constitutional amendment and a balanced budget amendment. In response to a question, he said he did not advocate abolishing Medicare and he thinks Nashville receiving federal disaster assistance during the recent flood was appropriate. He was critical of foreign aid. In response to another question, he said he supported the Fair Tax.

This was a good meeting this morning. We have a good candidate in David Hall. He worked hard to get the nomination and ran a brilliant campaign. He is a likable and personable guy. He is a solid conservative and he is electable. I think we have a real chance of beating Jim Cooper. All Republicans and independent conservatives need to get behind this campaign and help elect David Hall.

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  1. Focused on 15k voters? And spent 200k to do it? Makes good business sense to me. (not) Mr. Hall is like every GC (general contractor) I have ever worked with, never give a straight answer; find ways to hide expenses so that the client doesnt suspect or question the bill; smile big and pretend that you're the exception to the rule of most GC's.
    Mr. Hall is like what Will Roger's said about Calvin Cooledge. "he dont say much, but when he does? He dont say much."
    Mr. Hall even you and AHC dont have enough money to win 60,000 votes in the 5th,no matter how much you "hammer" them.

  2. GREAT piece, Rod! Glad to see it. As for "anonymous," if I made such generalized, illogical, and unbased claims as yours, with a quote you probably found on some nut-bag leftwing site 24 - 48 hours ago, I'd remain anonymous as well! Rod's article is not a TRANSCRIPT, it's a SUMMATION! Every word David said is not printed here. And, your logic flow is the first I've seen to disqualify him because he's a general contractor. Man, to be a fly on the wall of the conversations you have with yourself...THAT would be entertaining!

  3. Where are the other candidates Rod? That is only 4 of the 10 that did not win.

  4. Heil and Hartline have been noticeably absent from view since the primary. I thought Hartline had made an indirect endorsement for Hall without directly mentioning him by name. If anyone has heard otherwise, please post.

  5. Green, V.J. Kumar was also there but not pictured. That leaves four missing candidates. I know one had a valid reason for not attending; the others may have. After a hard campaign they may have wanted to take a day off and spend it with their family or simply sleep in. I applaud those who turned out to support David hall but don’t condemn those who did not. I do, however, hope that they will get on board and do all they can to help our nominee win this election against Jim Cooper. As far as I am concerned, anyone who does not support our nominee does not deserve support at some time in the future should they again decide to seek public office.

  6. Get on board with Hall? Are you serious? If you have not bothered to hear and the blogs are very quiet about the whole thing, but look for the FEC to hit Mr. Hall with a huge fine for his "misrepresntation" of his campgaign finances. I'm personally looking at a Independent candidate to support.