Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Republican Love Fest at Union Station

There is nothing like making up after a good fight. The Republicans made up. They are united and ready to win elections!

Lamar Alexander, Ron Ramsey, Bob Corker (speaking) Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam
left to right: Lamar Alexander, Ron Ramsey, Bob Corker (speaking) Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam

This morning the Republicans had a love fest! Ron Ramsey told how much he liked Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam and how he was going to do all he could to help get Haslam elected. Zack Wamp told how much he respected and admired Ron Ramsey and Bill Haslam, and then Haslam told how much he loved, admired and respected Wamp and Ramsey and how with their help he would be the next governor of Tennessee. They did not mention all those nasty things they said about each other in TV commercials. All is love and peace and harmony.

Marsha Blackburn calls David Hall to the Stage
Marsha Blackburn calls David Hall to the Stage

The event was the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee Meeting at the Union Station Hotel also billed as a Unity Rally. About three hundred people packed the McKinley Room of the Union Station and more were in the Grand Lobby who could not get in. Numerous county Party chairman were present, as were state house candidates, and party activist from across the state.

Senator Lamar Alexander addressed the group and reminisced about how he walked across the state to win the governorship in 1978 and how the party had grown since those days. Senator Corker spoke and introduced Ramsey and Wamp and Haslam. Marsha Blackburn introduced the nine Republican candidates for U.S. House Seats.

There is good news all across the state. To a rousing cheer we learned that for the first time ever the Shelby County legislative body is all Republican.

Charlotte Bergman
Charlotte Bergmann challenges Steve Cohen in Memphis

This was a great event. It was nice to meet energized Republicans from across the state and to see former opponents united in their goal of winning elections and advancing the Republican agenda.

Rod Williams, The Disgruntled Republican; Bob Schwartz, former candidate for 5th District; David Hall, Republican nominee 5th Congressional District; and Tim Lee, candidate for State House District 55

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