Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steve Gill says Sharia Law is already here. Look at his example.

Steve Gill had this headline on his post today in big bold letters: "ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW WON’T COME HERE?!?!? IT ALREADY IS!!" 

The text of the post read: "Last week we had Delta Airlines entering a partnership with the anti-semitic Saudi airline. Now we have a commercial development in Washington, DC deciding not to lease space to banks or restaurants that sell alcohol because their funding comes from a Muslim bank. Stock up on bacon and pork sausage now before your grocery store gets a loan from a Saudi bank!!!"

Steve, you are smarter than that. Why are you trying to scare people? Delta Airlines was not forced to enter into a partnership with Saudi Airlines. The developer in Washington was not forced to borrow money from a Muslim bank.  Do you not know the difference between "law" and voluntary agreements such as deed restrictions, partnership agreements, restrictive covenants and lease agreements?

Steve, are you an idiot or just spreading lies? Is that the best you could come up with?

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  1. The Sharia is a body of laws that comprise part of the Islamic politico religio nation. They were formed in the dark ages by men, for men and have little to do with real honor and justice, at least from the perspective of my own (granted) higher standards of virtue. But you should read them and judge them for yourself. As an American you are allowed to have an opinion. Be aware that the Sharia requires a death sentence for those who criticize it. Nonetheless Sharia is not one law, and all the laws are not that harmful to decent society. One for example one of the rules just spells out how you must hold your spoon when eating. How could that hurt anyone? But it requires that if a 9 year old girl is caught stealing twice, one of her hands must be severed. But it recommends beating your wife if she speaks to you in a high handed manner, and if she dies from the beating it is not considered a punishable crime. By the way, a 9 year old boy who is caught stealing, is allowed to go Sctoo free. Is it fair? Is it not cruel and unusual? The can practice Sharia at their own risk, because some of their behaviors are considered sever crimes here. For example recently a TV producer of a show designed to break stereo types of Muslims in America, sawed the head off his wife when she filed for divorce. He had to go to jail ebcasue here that is a crime.

  2. Steve Gill is just an IDIOT!

  3. Talumuic Law is Just as bad.