Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Kumbaya Moment: Kathleen Starnes and Billy Fields at Metro Inauguration ceremonies.

photo by Jerry Barlar

Pictured above is Kathleen Starnes, Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party, and Billy Fields, Chairman of the Davidson County Democratic Party.

This picture came into my possession and at first I thought of blackmailing Kathleen Starnes. There are some Republicans who think you are not Republican enough if you can be on friendly terms with Democrats.  Then I thought maybe I could blackmail Billy Fields. There are probably just as many Democrats who will think Billy Fields is not sufficiently Democrat if he can embrace a Republican. I just decided to publish it.  Maybe we need reminders on occasion that just because we disagree we do not have to be disagreeable. Maybe "a hug a Democrat/hug a Republican Day" would be a good thing.

This picture was taken yesterday at the inauguration ceremonies of Mayor Dean and the new Metro Council. Goodwill did fill the air. I congratulate the Mayor on his reelection and salute the new council as they take office. I wish each of them the wisdom to make good decisions and the integrity to always do what they know is best for our city. The Mayor is always in the news and gets accolades and recognition but for the members of the Metro Council, they often have a thankless job. I think them for their service to our city.

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