Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deforestation could contribute to Global Cooling.

I know a lot of the readers of this blog are still skeptical of global warming claims. I am not, or at least not very skeptical. I accept the scientific consensus and have explained why here and here.  Having accepted the prevailing consensus on global warming, I am intrigued by the dogma and cult-like acceptance of the supposed solutions of many of the global warming activist. While they accept that global warming is happening, they have a faith-like, almost mystical, set of proposals for dealing with it. They accept global warming but they are in denial of human nature and economics. They are in denial of the enormity of the problem. They are into simple answers and symbolism.

We need to get past the argument of whether or not GW is occurring and start serious discussion of how to deal with it. We need conservative think tanks proposing solutions to the problem. The current discussion of possible solutions is like people on the Titanic arguing over which sponges are best for sopping up water and urging each other to not leave the tap water dripping in their cabin.  Just hugging a tree and loving mother nature is not going to stop the GW process. It will take science and economics and rationality.

One of the causes of global warming is deforestation. Everyone knows that, right? According to new research from a team of scientists representing 20 institutions from around the world,  "The impact of deforestation on global warming varies with latitude." At higher altitudes, deforestation could contribute to global cooling. The  tree huggers will not like that.

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