Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update: What happened at the March 6 council meeting

This is a boring council meeting unless you live in proximity to one of the proposed rezonings. Here are the highlights.

Watch the public hearing of bill NO. BL2012-99 starting at 10:11.  This is interesting to see an example of how a policy change can impact a small business. This bill under discussion, among other things, would remove the requirement for a sidewalk. One opponent of the bill (starting at 13:29) explain how his small business had to pay a fee of $10,000 to be allowed to avoid building a sidewalk to nowhere and had to spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to be in compliance with a zoning plan. He says that since he had to pay the fee, that the current applicant should also have to pay the fee. Fair is fair he says.

Councilman Tenpenny ask a good question (see 16:45), Inquiring if this bill would set a president for future development south along Nolensville Rd. See how Vice Mayor Neighbors tries to cuts him off without letting him get an answer to his question.

BL 2012-106 is the discussion of the proposed Antioch asphalt plant (see 21:24). This has been a hot issue in Councilman Dominy's district. This discussion goes on and on.  If you don't live in the neighborhood this is boring, but people in the area feel strongly about it. Odor, pollution, and traffic are sited as reasons for opposing the development.  At 1:11:45 Dominy takes the floor and explains the process and explains that passing the bill tonight does not mean the bill is passed but allows the bill to move on to a committee of the council for discussion. He also addresses some of the issues raised by the opponents. Councilman Maynard (at 1:16:10) takes to the floor in opposition to the bill. Councilman Bo Mitchell also takes the floor in opposition and suggest a second public hearing but does not make a motion to that effect. The bill passed 22 yes votes, 15 no votes and one abstention.

The ordinances dealing with signs, which could have proven to be controversial, were deferred.

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